Monday, April 2, 2012

April Is Totally Foolish So Far

DIL1, look a tulip!
I greatly regretted frittering away the morning yesterday (not the part when I talked to DD or when I blogged or when Durwood and I made and ate breakfast together, just the goofing off surfing the web and futzing with my Kindle parts) because there was more to do next door than I thought.  Of. Course.  It looked like the cleaning lady didn't wipe down the kitchen cupboards, I even called her to see if she had and to express my dissatisfaction, so I ended up cleaning them with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Simple Green.  Durwood washed the sash windows.  He didn't remember how to lever them down for easy cleaning inside and out, he was pleasantly surprised when I showed him.  The new renter came and put some beds, etc. into the garage and was thrilled with the new paint and new floors.  The cleaning kept me from sewing as much as I'd hoped to but I did get the laundry done, well, except for the sheets and towels, so we'll have clean clothes to wear this week.  I learned that I reallyreallyreally need to straighten the edges of the scrap strips I want to use to make the next 2 quilt blocks.  I started the first quarter but may put that one aside and start over... or maybe not since I like the wonky ones best anyway.   Besides, wonky squares will drive my BFF Skully freakin' nuts.  What's not to love about that?

April 2--Damien Hurst for Manolo Blahnik, Dot Boot.

Seize the Shoes

Loafers & Clogs
Pumps & Flats
infinite and finite
in their style

Boots & Sandals
Sneakers, Trainers & Crocs
leather or plastic
sewn or molded

Stilettos for conquest
Brogues for a walk
(never buy used shoes
you buy someone's bunions)

ballet or bedroom
snug or sloppy
A sole for every foot

To cradle, protect, or display
that convenient pair
of transports
cantilevered off your shins.

Well, there's the first dreadful but interesting poem of April, the Poetry Month.  It's going to take me a few nights to shift my brain to choosing more vivid words but I'll get there.  Are you poeming along?  You should, it's good exercise.  Have a... day.

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