Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy 56th Birthday, TW & AJ!!

And Happy Easter to the rest of you.  My baby brothers turn 56 today.  It astounds me that they're so old, and that I'm their big sister.  Am I really 60??  Seems so.  Anyway, yesterday was a good day.  We worked on our writing in the morning, I got through my manuscript with a moderate drift of Post-its and a few notes for needed scenes on a pad.  We walked up the hill to Field to Fork for lunch ( I spotted a chimney sweep statue on top of a smokestack!) and I took the opportunity to talk out my thoughts.  It's so great to have someone to bounce ideas off.  Thanks for your forbearance, Lala.  After lunch we both lolled, dozing, for a while then we met in the breakfast room to make bookmarks.  Lala got a laminator as a gift and she'd bought herself a flower press.  I have a roll of handmade paper, a few stock photo books, and a guillotine paper cutter.  We had fun cutting, gluing, and laminating.  We walked back up to the deli for antipasto and farro salads, some fontina cheese, a box of cherry tomatoes, and a few slices of crusty bread.  Back here at Harbor Winds we shared our bounty for supper while we watched a small rain move in over the river.  It was good just to talk, then we unlimbered our notebooks for a bit of prompt writing.  I came back to my room to find some free music to download to my Kindle then spent the evening listening to classical/instrumental music and reading a novel while piled up with pillows and the linen & flannel blankie, oh pardon me, duvet I made for myself.  It's just right.

April 7--NaPoWriMo, Write a Color.  Not necessarily about a color but use one in your poem.


Spring green pale
near yellow
shot from brown twigs
left from last year
to freeze then pulse
with pale green
envy for the heat
pulling out the swelling
buds that burst with
the green life
of Spring.

Sink beneath the white
sky spread with no color but
white heat like molten
silver slag mounds
moon white light on the
wrinkled river floating from
creek to lake to sea
white of snow geese wings
whistling north to paint
the tundra white with
feathers of soft downy
white of ermine molting
to springtime brown
but I couldn't resist the light paths on the dark river...
Barking mad
I rise to tiptoe
across the light
rippled waters and
dance upon
moonbeams laid
like pebbles in
my way.

Have a happy Easter Sunday and don't eat too many chocolate bunnies.


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