Sunday, April 22, 2012

Barbecue or BBQ or Barbeque

However you spell it, it makes one hell of a lunch.  Durwood and I had taken the wrong exit off the highway last spring when we were on the way to DD & DIL2's wedding and saw this barbecue place that looked like it had been made with reclaimed lumber and various tractor parts.  There was even a dog sleeping in the gravel lot.  The vision of it haunted me since, so I was determined that we eat there.  Even if barbequed possum was the only thing on the menu, I was eating there.  We drove out the Georgetown Road from Lexington in the drizzle determined to keep driving until we saw the place or got to Cincinnati.  Look!  We found it. Fat Boys BBQ.  No sleeping dog in the gravel but a row of pickup trucks, a sedan or two, and Durwood's midnight blue battleship of an SUV.  It smelled like hickory-smoked heaven when we got out of the car and the inside didn't disappoint.  The pine walls were covered with tin signs and old kitchen utensils.  The tables were plain off-white banquet or craft tables with a mishmash of metal and wooden chairs.  Perfect.  The waitress recommended sharing the assorted platter with a rib or two, some pulled pork, bbq-ed brisket, 2 sides, and a roll.  I ordered fried okra (it was extra); Durwood got coleslaw; we agreed to have cornbread (which appeared as pancakes--???).  Oh, mama,  it was worth the wait.

We stopped at the Cardome Center where there was a Kites & Culture Festival.  We wanted to see kites, maybe fly kites.  No kites.  Only drizzle, chilly wind, and gray skies.  So DIL2 unlimbered the Driving Tour CD we got from the Visitor lady and we drive back to town to start at the Start.  It was very informative and interesting.  Lots of gorgeous acres of rolling green with horses and fantastic houses and barns sprinkled here and there.  

Then back to the motel to drop off Durwood so the ladies could go to see where DD's "second work" is.  It's a Hancock Fabrics.  They were having a sale.  DD gets an employee discount. Just what I needed, more fabric.  


April 21--Roman, Garland Bowl.

Gray clouds
emerald hills
rolling fences
white and black
Grazing horses
mostly brown
dollars and hopes
on the hoof
Horseflesh and bourbon
grow well on this
limestone shelf
Spindly-legged quadrupeds
make fools of men
with mellow spirits
in Irish crystal

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