Friday, April 6, 2012

See? I Told You I'd Post

What a lovely day I had yesterday.  I arrived around 1 PM, checked in, took a walk.  While walking I stopped for some river-side coffee and a little scribble.  Ahh.  Sunshine and chilly wind can really pull the words out of a girl.  I walked down to see what Lake Michigan (hereafter known as "the lake") was up to; it was flinging itself onto the breakwater making big splashes.  I love the sound of water, don't you?  Lala has a bad cold so we walked up the hill to Il Ritrovo for wood-fired pizza and soup.  We had a little shop in the next door deli (got some yogurt, god, we've turned boring) and walked back to our little nest.  She went to take a hot bath and sleep off her cold.  I went to spend a little time with my babiest brother, AJ, and his family.  My nephew, CA, might come to see the Hunger Games with us this afternoon; I hope he can.  He's a good kid, 18, and almost human.  I see by her Facebook posts that Lala's up and at 'em already.  I have my hair combed and clean underwear on.  That counts for something, right?  She went to sleep at 8, I turned out the light after 11, so really who's the bigger slug?  Her, right?  She slept 9 hours and I only slept 8.  Big difference.  Big.  My poetry goal this month (April's Poetry Month, ya know) is to distill my words down from the rambling, wordy, prose-type poems I usually write to something a bit more sharp and focused.  I can see that I need to write the raw material at night and then refine it.  What a concept!

April 5--Polynesia, Tonga, Female Figure.

Ivory figure
carved long ago
years of fingers
softened you

close your eyes
your lips
keep your counsel
never judge

pale yellow skin
tiny breasts

Okay, that's not bad.  This next one's a river-side poem, very much to the point.

Turkey blasts from
the roadside ditch

Passing semi


See?  Concise, right?  Strong image, right?  I've got it going on now!  I'm off to find Lala and some breakfast and get this day rolling.  Ta ta.

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