Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I got me a new toy last night at Walmart.  It's a Nikon Coolpix camera.  It's red (not on purpose, it just came that way, but isn't that lucky?)  For a while now I've been feeling bad when I run off with the camera leaving Durwood with none in case he needs to take a bird picture or two, so I deputized a couple hundred bucks of my inheritance and bought me one.  I'm not thrilled that it doesn't use regular batteries but I can buy an extra one and a remote charger, I'm sure, so I'm never without.  Besides I'll be gone for 3 nights beginning tomorrow and I know that the maple tree is going to pop its buds while I'm gone so I'm going to ask him to take its picture every day so when I get home I can knit it true.  I can see the tiny little twig-tip buds swelling, just waiting until I leave town to burst open.  I also bought the ingredients to make carrot Bunny Cakes on Sunday morning to take to Family Dinner at Jefe & HZ's.  I'll bake the cakes tonight after work and then frost them on Sunday when I get home (from Sheboygan!  I drive away tomorrow morning and I can't wait!).  I bought a box of Twinkies to use for the paws and tail; I'm excited.  (Oh, I have to remember to see if there's any pink construction paper at work for ears.)  I'm enjoying Poetry Month so far, I think.  At least I'm doing it without too much pain or angst.  Speaking of...

April 3--Central Asia, Mongolia or Siberia, Belt Buckle with Paired Felines Attacking Ibexes.

Spring Real Estate

What about here?  Do you
like it?  What do you

His eyes are wide.
He looks a tad
too eager.

It's okay.
I was hoping for 
a river view.

She's casual,
in the face of his barrage.

How about by this
creek?  It's a nice area,

I'd like to be closer to
He steers her away,
not wanting the in-law interference.
All over town I see them,
young couples setting up

Mallards flown north
to nest
and raise a family.

I had to go off-prompt.  All week I've seen mallard couples in front yards and on public land checking out possible nesting sites.  I love how eager the males are and how very disinterested the females are, looking around as if they're bored or in the market for better.  Ah, Spring.  It's sunny today, let's bask.  I want to scoop up handfuls of sunshine and rub it all over me.  Toodle-oo.

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