Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have a complaint. On the Wii Fit Plus program there's a bike ride, Island Cycling, that tells you right up front that it's not a race, that you can enjoy your ride around sightseeing, and I do. Yet it penalizes you in the rankings if you take longer, gives you fewer and fewer stars the longer you pedal. Now I understand that I'm not really riding a bike, I'm standing on what looks like a cafeteria tray with feet pretending to pedal, hopping from foot to foot, and using a controller as my handlebars, but it's kind of like biking and is a good workout on a chilly morning. I did 14 minutes and I get caught up in what I'm seeing in the cartoon world on the TV, I'd just like not to be punished by getting only 2 stars when I exercise longer. That is all.

October 12--Guadeloupe. Maeve was drawn out to the reef that sheltered Caravelle Bay. Inside the reef all was calm. The water was nearly flat and the fish were small and colorful. Out on the reef that rose nearly to the surface the water was tumultuous. The waves were topped with foamy white curls and beyond them the water's color changed from turquoise to navy in the space of a few feet. Maeve felt pulled to the nervous water out there. She craved being in the grip of the surge pitting her will against that of the eternal allure of Poseidon.

Write about a time when you took more than you should have. I ran out of pockets too fast. Mama had baked Lizzie's Hermits, my favorite cookies filled with molasses and currents, and I wanted some now, not after supper or in my lunch pail. She had gone down the hall to see what the twinnies were up to after she heard a crash in the bathroom so me and Peggy made our move. I am a big girl so I don't need to stand on a chair and Peggy is a beagle so she doesn't have pockets. I gave Peggy one right away so she wouldn't bark but her nails clicked on the linoleum every time I reached up and got another cookie. We ran outside as soon as my pockets were crammed with warm cookies and we stopped...

That's when Laurel called time. Sometimes inspirations hits and sometimes it doesn't, that time it did. Have a super day!

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