Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Am So Over This Wind

When this storm blew in (and I mean BUH-LEW in) I didn't realize that it'd also bring in cold. It went from being chilly in the morning with warmish in the afternoon to being cold, windy, and overcast all day and night. I did see the sun and some blue sky this morning for a minute when I went out into the backyard to see if I could find the feeder with the peanuts in it. I thought the wind knocked it down but evidently a crafty gray squirrel dislodged it and dragged it off it his lair. It was nowhere to be seen and has ignited a vendetta in Durwood's heart. I've been trying to moderate his hatred of the squirrels because realistically he's never going to "train" them to only eat the corn I put out for them and they're funny to watch, but the theft of a bent and gnawed little mesh feeder with about a half cup of peanut pieces has hardened his heart against them. All squirrels foolish enough to wander into the yard are going to be getting a hind end BB shot. He doesn't kill them, he just makes them jump and scurry off. They have learned that the sound of the latch means RUN! though so maybe he'll be satisfied to stand at the door and work the latch once he's got them all conditioned to the consequences. And that's the Wisconsin Squirrel Report for today.

October 27--Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. Elaine settled back into her seat in the plane and enjoyed the rush of takeoff. It was the middle of the night so the plane's lights were low and people were settling down fast. It had been a great vacation at the Maliouhana resort with lots of diving and snorkeling, great food, and plenty of time to loll in a lounge chair in the shade. Her eyes roamed over the other passengers who were talking in low voices. They were everyday Fijians that were different somehow from those who worked at the resort. The realization jolted her sinking eyelids wide open. The resort where she had just spent two weeks was on an uninhabited island with no town, no people not working there. It was a stage set like that movie The Truman Show.

I liked that movie. I should put it on my Netflix queue. Stay warm!

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