Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Walk

Dusty and I walked a couple miles along the river this morning past wild grapevines and sleeping ducks. It was lovely, cool and sweaty (at the end). Nice.

October 9--Tortola, BVI. The big hall at the end of Long Bay Beach made it seem secluded. Chris lay on her towel letting the rhythmic sound of the waves wash over her. She was tired. No one ever believed her but being busy energized her. Stillness made her tired and she was determined to practice stillness on this trip. She had brought a stack of mindless reading, nothing deep or mentally challenging. Nothing... (and then I fell asleep)

Another prompt--Tuesday AM maybe? The first time I went on a date with Rick, the guy my Mom picked out for me, I was sure he was an alien. His car was a beat up old Beetle, each part a different color as if it were built of pieces found on the side of the highway. We went hiking which I thought was a fairly harmless activity for a first date but he took us to Peters' swamp out pas the deserted motel on Hwy. 57. The first step I took off the road my foot sank into the muck and when I pulled it out my shoe stuck. Splurt! My foot came out covered in gray brown much that smelled like farts mixed with burnt fireworks.

I'm off to unload my mom's old stove so the landlord can put in a new one. Fun times!

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