Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Hornet's Nest

Last night the dive club's newsletter was e-published and by 10 AM I had a response from a state marine archaeologist rebutting my interview in it. Turns out she and a couple other divers found a piece of wreckage nearby in 2004 and recorded it as the wreck my subject hopes he found. First thing I did was double check my article to make sure that I had not said that he'd definitely found it. I used lots of "perhaps" and "might," "hopefully" and "if"s, didn't say anywhere that it was the Otter for sure, so we're good. Now I'll be replying to her email asking for more specific info about what she/they found and also how to find the State shipwreck database to prevent any problems in the future. She's a nice lady and a good diver. I'm sure we can work our way through this and probably come to a better understanding and maybe even open up another place for my writing. Wouldn't that be nice? I'm still planning to work on a kids' book about that shipwreck because it's a cracking good story and I've got a cracking good idea how to go about it and still not tread on anyone's toes. I'm crafty, I can figure out my way around almost anything.

October 25 (two months 'til Christmas! Yikes!)--Taha'a, Bora-Bora. "It looks like Gilligan's Island," Sheila said as the launch slowed to follow the gap in the vegetation, "I don't like it." Jake was stunned silent. Sheila had been ragging on him for a whole year bout how her sister Monica's husband had taken her to some swanky resort on a little Caribbean dot of an island. How the only places he'd ever taken her were Vegas and Branson which were good places to go, loud and glittery and all that, but they weren't exotic. So Jake had gotten his work friend and drinking buddy Mitch to help him with the Internet surfing and got them set up with a week at this exclusive resort on Bora-Bora. He thought it was by Hawaii but it was like six time zones past Hawaii way the hell and gone out in the Pacific. They flew for freaking ever into a sunset that lasted for like four hours and into a black so total that he felt like he was in a Twilight Zone episode. They were both groggy when they landed but the boat driver gave them a fruity drink that perked them up on the ride and they were almost there. Now after all the planning and flying and boating, after one minute Sheila decides she doesn't like it? There's no pleasing her, Jake thought, I might as well just roll off the boat and drown. That's when he caught sight of the topless women on the beach. Oh, shit, they were bottomless too.

Sounds like Jake didn't do his homework and I'm guessing Sheila over-packed. Time to get the giant cauliflower roasting for supper. You wish you were eating here tonight. I guarantee it.

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