Thursday, October 14, 2010

All For You

I was just about to turn off the computator and go eat my Cheerios when I realized that I'd forgotten to post last night's writing. Heh.

The thing is, I didn't write last night. See, a guy dropped off twelve 466 cubic foot tanks (they're almost as tall as me and probably outweigh me too) at the dive shop yesterday morning that need to be filled to 4500 psi by tomorrow. That meant that I turned on both compressors in the back room and they ran all day. ALL DAY that noise racketed and pounded at me. I had my Walkman to shove in my ears but that only damped it down a bit. By the time I got home around 8:30 after a little knit with friends, I was exhausted. I managed to stay up until almost 10 and then I just crashed. Boom. Don't despair. I have some from a bit earlier so you won't be without. I know how you get.

October 13--La Digue, Seychelles. Renee thought the granite boulders on the beach looked like a giant's discarded toys. The boulders had been eroded by the sea over the millennia until they looked almost like sculpture. She had sat with her sketchbook all afternoon the day before and had gotten herself sunburned in the bargain. No matter how she drew them and how carefully she worked, they looked fake. She turned the page in frustration and began again. Her concentration was so complete that she didn't notice Derek's arrival until he snuggled up behind her molding his legs around hers and sliding his hands up under her top to cup her breasts. "Mmm," she said leaning back into his embrace.

More? Well, just a little...

Prompt from last week. Grandma put her elbows down on the table with a thump. "That's quite enough, miss," she said. I could feel her eyes on my face and I turned cold. I had been teasing Lisa Ann about her new glasses making her look like a bug. Lisa Ann hated bugs. She was afraid of them and had begun to cry. Grandma stood up and shooed Lisa Ann off to the front porch with two extra cookies. Then she looked at me with her blue eyes like ice chips and said, "Veronica, I am disappointed in you. How can you tease your sister when you..."

...and that's when Laurel called time. Again she cut me off in mid-write. Ooh, she's a killer, that Lala. Happy Day after Hump Day!

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