Saturday, October 30, 2010


We've been advertising the other half of our duplex for rent for a month now and haven't gotten a suitable renter yet. Yesterday I went on to make a change to our ad, only to find that it had been canceled a week ago and even though I made multiple calls to them and to the Press Gazette it's still not there. We're supposed to have 3 months free listing because we've paid for 3 weeks of print ads. I'm flummoxed--and frustrated. It's still on so we have an online presence but I want what's coming to us. Gah.

October 29--Les Andelys, France. "The house across from the church, you know, the one on the tiny island in the Seine." Gilbert flung his hand in the direction of the river, ash from his ever-present cigarette sprinkling the table and my coffee. Good old Gilbert, you could always rely on him to ruin any pleasure you manage to wring out of the day. I had asked him two weeks ago to find me someplace to live outside the city, and he came up with a house on an island in the river. Gilbert leaned across the table to clutch my wrist in his talons. "Amelie, you are lucky to have it. I had to fight off a couple from London who were determined to get it. I flung a handful of Euros at Monsieur Bertrand and frightened them off. You would have been proud." He preened at his own brilliance, looking for all the world like a pigeon in a beret. I shook my head at him. "I am proud, Gilbert, but I will also be wet since I have no boat to reach the island. Do you swim?" My words defeated his swelled head and the smile slid off his face.

Ah, the weekend has arrived. I love the weekend with its opportunities for sleeping later than 6:30.

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