Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday - On a Jet Plane

Boarding passes are printed, bags are yet to be packed, and that's okay -- it's a short trip to DC and the  One Nation March on Washington. I am amazed at how intimidated I have been with the anger of the Tea Party, Republican friends (the few I have) and the vitriol of the media. I decided to take part in One Nation because I believe in this country and trust "this too shall pass" and we'll get back to civility and working together for the good of all.

In the meantime -- here's a great article on writing --

Suggestion #1 -- put your butt in the chair and write. Where have we heard that one before.

The rain obliterated the view of the Thames and Sloan street down below. Lost in memories, Lauren watched the water run down the glass in abstract rivers. Some one knew who she was, where she was, but how?  Who? She'd lived the past five years safe as Grace Delaney and in the opening of one letter, that safety, that security was gone. Now she had to decide -- stay in London and risk losing everything, including the family estate, or go back and risk losing her life.

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