Friday, October 29, 2010


Holy moly it was cold walking today. Thirty-four when I drove past the Culver's sign just after 8, but Dusty and I bundled up and braved the cold. It was beautiful walking in the bright sunlight with blue sky and migrating geese honking overhead. Today I need to rake the leaves that didn't blow away (stupid rain), get some birdseed and a new peanut feeder because we don't want the nuthatches and woodpeckers to stop coming by. Guess we'll have to wire-tie it to the crook.

October 28--Ko Phi Phi Le, Phi Phi Archipelago. See that line out there where the pale turquoise water turns navy blue? That's where I want to dive. Right there where the bottom drops out of the sea and plunges deep deep down where the colorful corals stop and the pretty little reef fish aren't. I like to dive in the zone of change where worlds collide in a less than catastrophic way. It's good to dive at sunset too when the day shift fish are all scurrying around claiming the best spot to sleep in the reef or chasing one last piece of plankton before nightfall. The night shift fish emerge then too. They're the red ones with the big eyes. Red to not be seen as well and big eyes to see with. They always have looked just a little "deer in the headlights" to me. The barracuda fades into the shadows at sundown to be replaced by the tarpon. If barracuda are made of silver then tarpon are stainless steel with their large scales and prehistoric sheen. I wan to dive right there where the light gets dark and where the shallow gets deep. I want to be there to watch worlds collide.


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