Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drizzle Any Minute

What a glorious day this should be. It's overcast and drizzly, supposed to rain all weekend. I'm hoping it's going to hold off so I can get the grocery bag of bulbs planted either later today or tomorrow. We'll see. Guess that means I don't get in a bike ride this weekend either, dang it. Riding in the corner of the bedroom's just not the same.

October 22--St. Thomas, USVI. Charlotte Amalie looked like a child's toy from way up on the tram soaring over the harbor, but Jean knew it was an illusion. Somewhere in that placid and bright tableau Gruber perched in the center of his web of influence like a fat white spider waiting to gobble up the inattentive. She had done her best to give him the slip but she was sure she had not. She was certain that he knew where she was, felt his icy blue eyes on her even in the midday heat. It had been a mistake to trap herself of the tram, she saw that now. All he needed to do was wait for her, either at the top where there was no place to run or at the bottom where the slow-moving car would deliver her right into his hands. She considered flinging herself out and ending the torture but at no place was the car more than fifty feet above the ground, less that fifteen feet above the trees. With her luck she would impale herself on a limb and dangle there bleeding and all that damned Gruber would be able to do was watch her die. A smile teased the corners of her mouth. At least that way she'd cheat him out of the pleasure of killing her.

Enjoy your weekend. Stay dry!

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