Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chilly & Cloudy

Wow, today sure looks cold outside my window. I forgot to check the weather so I guess I'll wear a sweater, just in case. Ooh, there's the sun. That's a bit better but I'll bet it didn't warm up much and probably won't. It is late October in Wisconsin, after all. And the sun's gone again. What are you doing today? I'm going to work--again, me and the sock and my Walkman. Thank god for knitting and books on CD from the library! I'd go mad without something to entertain me at work. I have these little bursts of work like when a package comes or someone comes in or the phone rings but in between there's nothing. No ongoing project I can be beavering away on. Just long stretches of silence, so I knit and listen to books. I love having someone tell me a story so it works great to borrow books on CD, rip them to the laptop, and then download them to my Walkman. Then when I'm done listening to them, I erase them from the laptop and they are removed from the Walkman the next time I link them. Hey, I've been looking for a book about the pirate treasure pit on Oak Island, maybe I can find one on CD through the library. That'd be excellent. See? Now I have something to do at work today.

October 20--Bali. Nan felt like she was lost inside an emerald. Everywhere she looked was green. The rice plants in the centuries-old terraces were the Kelly green of leprechauns, matte and rich. The shiny green spears of the palms on the rim made a clattering sound like the cornfields back home, and the surrounding jungle was so thick that its green was nearly black. The air in the valley was thick with humidity protected from the wind as it was. She had a hard time breathing the palpable air and she felt as if swimming might be easier. The relentless sun fell like blades on her unprotected head making her sorry that she had left her hat in the room.

That didn't turn out the way I had hoped and I still have ideas about what to do and say about this. Maybe I'll take another stab at it later. (Not demeaning it, Roi, complaining with a soupcon of frustration.)

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