Saturday, October 24, 2015


This morning I lucked out.  It was sunny and 63 when I spread out my yoga mat so I opened the patio door and did my practice with the cool air washing over me and birdsong as my sound track.  Ahh.  Just about as soon as I rolled up my mat the clouds rushed in, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped.  Like I said, lucked out.

I haven't been very knitty lately.  I cast on and knitted a few rounds on the yellow ornament cover.  CB asked to see the pattern and wondered if I was planning to embellish my balls.  I hadn't thought of that but it might be interesting.  I should see what kind of geegaws I can dig up out of the cave, uh, basement, uh, studio.

Then I got the uphill part of Sudoku Violet #4 done and made some downhill progress before it was time to pack up our needles and vacate Goodwill for another week.  But not before I plunked down all of $2 for two full skeins of cotton yarn in peach.  I can always use solid color dishcloth yarn since my first instinct is to buy the pretty variegated ones.  I found a nice $4 Croft & Somebody long-sleeved top on the clearance rack too but it's down the chute to be laundered.  It'll be good for work.

I didn't get down to The Attic cafe until after noon yesterday but I still managed to get another chapter of the manuscript rewritten AND I made some minor adjustments to earlier parts.  I remembered that I can email the manuscript to my Kindle so I can read it like it's a real book, then I put a bookmark on the pages where I want to make a change and note it on a big Post-it, so I can scroll through and make the tweaks.  I have come to the decision that this is not the final rewrite.  Yesterday I slotted in some more small irritation sorts of things--expanding the flat tire incident, having her go around the wrong way on a roundabout and nearly get flattened by a Mack truck--and I suspect there'll be more of that sort of thing as I reread this current rewrite.  But I'm getting there and, even better, I'm working on it, maybe not every day, but I am working on it.

October 24--David Lessy, Wild Dunes, SC.  The wind off the ocean was strong, strong enough to stop his golf ball dead and send it into the sand trap.  Lloyd flung his club to the ground and was a split second from stomping on it when a voice said, "You don't want to do that."  "Like hell I don't," he snarled as he turned to face the speaker.  The old man was bent into a question mark and Lloyd could see the effort it took for him to hold his head up.  Lloyd said, "Why not stomp the damned thing?  Every ball I hit with it goes haywire."  The old man grinned and stuck out his hand.  "I'm Bud."  They shook, Bud's fingers felt like brittle twigs in Lloyd's grip.  "You want to stomp the club because you paid too much for it and you expect too much for the money.  The wind's your enemy today but I'll bet your temper is your enemy every day."  Bud hooked his thumb over his shoulder toward the cart behind him.  "Get in.  You and me need to talk."

I kept seeing George Burns in the movie Oh, God when I thought about Bud.  I don't know if Bud's God or just some mentor-like gnome coming into Lloyd's life but I like the little scene.  I'm off to get a flu shot, pick up some prescriptions and a pound of Italian sausage to try to save a batch of tomato soup I made that went off the rails last weekend.  Wish me luck.

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