Thursday, October 15, 2015

Snowball #1

I got it.  Yesterday the pattern designer sent me more detailed instructions on how to crochet a snowball and I got it.  Why crochet snowballs, you ask?  Well, they'll be fun for an indoor snowball fight or for those people who live where there's very little snow.  I know, it sounds silly but it makes me smile and these days something that makes me smile is golden.

Once I had the snowball done I finished Sudoku Berry #3 and started Sudoku Snow #3.  When Sudoku Berry #3 is done and I turn the squares into a block I'll have one-third of the thing done.  Of course I'll still have to knit the strips to join the blocks, but I'm a lot closer to having this afghan finished every day.

There was not one shred of clouds in the sky this morning to catch some sunrise pink.  All we had was dawn blue and sunrise yellow.  Not a bad view.  There was a Sharp-shinned Hawk sitting on the fence while I was getting set to do my yoga but it flew away just as I picked up the camera.  I swear the birds know when I pick it up.  They'll be sitting there posed all pretty and when I grab the camera they snatch a seed or peanut and fly away just as I get ready to click.  Grr.

I found a fun children's book at the library the other day.  It's The Trail Game by Herve Tullet.  It's a board book too which is good for the toddler set.  You open the book and on the bottom of the first page it says "start" so you touch that, then follow the trail to the red half-dot.  You turn the top half of the pages until you find the other half of the dot, follow that path to a different color and shape, turn the bottom pages to find that matching shape, etc.  It's fun with lots of color and shapes and swooping lines.  I confess I looked him up on Amazon yesterday afternoon and I might have ordered three of his other titles for someone small and dear.  *tries to look innocent but fails miserably*  Check him out if you've got small people in your life.  One of the ones I ordered you need a flashlight to read.  I can't wait to get them so I can play with them, uh, see if they're appropriate for LC.

October 15--Mark Duran, AV-1001H.  Leah lay on her back at the edge of the woods.  The sun was nearly set, turning the sky red.  The full moon was directly above her and she was sure she could see the Man in the Moon smiling down at her.  A distant rumble grew louder until a jet liner came over.  It seemed a lot lower than planes usually were and it looked like flames were coming from one of the wings.  The sound was so loud that she felt the ground shake.  The plane was flying so slowly that it took a while for it to pass over the trees and then there was a god-awful crash behind her.  The impact so close-by bounced her up off the ground and a rain of dirt and hot drops rained over her.  She jumped up and started to run.

A plane crash--another cheerful start to the day.  Time to dress and stuff so I don't show up at work with bad breath and in my jammies.  Mrs. Boss frowns on jammies at work.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Thanks for the tip about that clever book! You know I have a small guy who loves books so I'm heading to Amazon the minute I finish typing this.