Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Even Less to Say Today

I thought I didn't have anything to say yesterday but today's post may be even shorter.  All I did yesterday was a bock of errands--bank, library, grocery, birdseed store--then I filled the bird feeders, loaded the dishwasher, baked a pizza for supper, and ripped an audiobook on CDs into iTunes so I could put it on my iPod Touch to listen to on the go.  Written out like that it sounds like a pretty full, productive day but not one bit of it was photogenic.

I didn't knit.  The only yarn-y thing I did was try to figure out a crocheted snowball pattern I've been battling since August.  I finally messaged the designer on Ravelry to see if she can help me.  I hoped for a tutorial video but she didn't make one because she said that then people wouldn't buy her pattern.  That makes sense; I'd really like a video, but it makes sense.  So here's the "cage", now I just need to figure out the spiral parts that make it look and throw like a snowball.  Don't ask me why I'm doing this, besides to make myself frustrated.  You know I like to make oddball things.  I crocheted a tea set over the last few weeks and I sewed a stove on Sunday, didn't I?  *shrugs*  See?  Oddball stuff.

There are just a few remaining tufts of gorgeous red leaves on the maple tree.  I look around at all the still-green maple trees in the neighborhood and it makes me sad, but ours sure is pretty in the morning sunlight.

October 14--Mark Duran, BT-1003 V.  The sunset made the clouds look like there was an explosion behind them, but there was no sound, no wind.  The bay lay like a blanket as the daylight drifted west.  Olivia sat on her porch, a mug of tea in her hand.  It was herbal tea, some concoction of leaves and stems.  She'd have preferred a glass of wine but wine was a thing of her past, just like Jeremy was.

Okay, another story start that trickled off into scrawls and scribbles as I fell asleep at the switch.  It's a sunny, cool day here in beautiful Green Bay, the kind of day I wish would last all year long.  Have a good one.

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Aunt B said...

Your maple tree is going out in a blaze of glory!! Chilly down here today but everything is still green. That knitted snowball??? Not too sure about that one!!!