Monday, October 5, 2015

Back To The Grind

In honor of my first day back to work the blue sky is hiding behind a thick layer of clouds and the sun's light is just barely managing to get through.  I could have done with a bright sunny day to catapult me back into the saddle.  It's kind of drizzly but not really raining like it is at Aunt B's house in North Carolina.  I'm about ready to send her an oar and a set of water wings.

Durwood picked up a ribeye for us to share when I got home so I grilled it last night and nearly ran into the gigantic spiderweb that's connecting the hummingbird feeder to the house.  When I first went out the acromantula-size spider was in residence but it evidently didn't like the patio light turning on so it fled to a darker spot.  The steak was good, done perfectly *polishes fingernails on her shirt* as were the sauteed fresh mushrooms and baked potato.  That man knows how to welcome a girl home.

While I was away what Durwood is calling "the Great Fence of China" was erected across the back of our lot.  Actually it's across the back of the lot behind us and further onto their property so I'll have a bit more dirt to play with come spring, except on further examination I see that there's a lot of gravel.  Maybe I'll just let the weeds have their way.  What am I saying?  No I won't, I'll at least cut and pull the weeds if none of the hostas and day lilies don't come back.  I don't think it's visible from space so Durwood might be exaggerating.

Here are the 2 1/2 Sudoku blocks I knitted last week.  Both of the finished ones are quite a bit looser than the previous ones but I'm sure they'll block into shape.  Saturday evening and last night I crocheted a teacup and handle to felt along with the teapot for LC.  I plan to make another cup so that we can have tea parties.  I hope she likes it.

These are the yarns I got from Spin in Sturgeon Bay's 40% off baskets on my way up to The Clearing.  The red is silk and wool, 325 yds, and will make a nice shawlette.  The black bulky is cotton and wool and I found a pattern for a shawl that I'm kind of itching to start but I know I have to keep making those Sudoku blocks.  Maybe once I get all 9-square blocks done I'll let myself cast on.  I got the cone of laceweight (acrylic, I burnt a piece and, man, did it stink) with the little ball for three bucks at Bargains in Sister Bay.  It doesn't say how much there is or was so I'll just have to pick a pattern, knit and see what happens.  Whatever I choose I'll probably be an inch from the end when I run out.  Ah well, life's an adventure.

October 5--Larry Ulrich, Soufriere, Dominica.  Rita walked along the beach with her sandals in her hand.  Her white cotton pants were rolled up and small waves washed over her bare feet.  The sun was hot as it crested the mountain and the breeze of the morning had stopped.  The locals' fishing skiffs were dragged as far up the beach as they would go and they smelled strongly of fish in the hot stillness.  She liked the names painting on the boats--Full of Fish was the hopeful name on the red and green skiff, Floating Janeen was carefully lettered on the orange one, and the blue boat suffered with the name Titanic.  She thought that would be an unlucky name for a boat even in a place where icebergs never appeared.

Time to eat, shower, dress, and go to work.  I'd rather not but there IS a paycheck waiting for me and my wallet IS pretty much empty so I guess I'll go.  Happy Monday.

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Aunt B said...

You're right -- we did almost need an oar or waterwings! Sooooo much rain!!! But not as bad as South Carolina. Lots of leaves and small branches all over the place but not like after a hurricane. Still messy but we're slowly drying out. Glad you're back and that welcome home rib eye!!! My favorite! Whatta guy!!!