Monday, October 26, 2015

5s Are Better

I followed through on my thought to use one size bigger needle (the one the pattern calls for) to knit the yellow ornament cover last night and 5s are better.  I knitted the same number of stitches and the same number of rounds as the green one.  I put them side by side and you can see that I was able to cinch the yellow cover up to the neck but not the green one.  So, okay, I should have followed the pattern instructions from the beginning.  *sigh*  Sometimes I am my own worst enemy.  Oh, I'm calling this one Yellow My Baby, Yellow My Honey, Yellow My Ragtime Gal in honor of the cartoon I loved as a kid.  What am I saying?  I still love it.  You remember Michigan J. Frog, right?

I started Sudoku Snow #4 too but didn't get very far since I kind of wore myself out yesterday.  See, I'm no good at laying around, even when I don't feel good... kind of especially when I don't feel good, so I changed the weatherstripping on the front door (necessitating a trip to Home Depot when I ran out a foot from being done--grrr), took Durwood to get his flu and shingles shots at Walgreens, did a load of wash, raked the front yard, grilled wienies for lunch and chicken for supper, and replaced three of the bird feeder Slinkys that had rusted and sagged.  I just hate to give in to feeling sick.  I know it's not very mature but *shrugs* that's just the way I am.  I feel a bit better today and I'm sure my shower will help more so I have a precedent for keeping going.  I feel like if I give in I'll just feel bad longer, let it get a toehold and run rampant.  I want to sweat it out, scare it off so it leaves me sooner rather than later.  Good plan, don't you think?

Last night when I went out to get the chicken off the rotisserie the moon was rising and it looked so pretty and, nestled just above the bare honeysuckle vines, kind of Halloween-y.  I've discovered if I use the "dawn/dusk" setting on the camera the shutter doesn't stay open as long when I'm trying to take a picture of the moon.  I'll have to try it next time it's full dark and I want a moon picture.

October 26--Harold Lee Miller, DS5-6-1-5B.  Jean watched him in the mirror as she walked on the treadmill.  He was creeping up on forty, she guessed, and he was balding.  He hadn't shaved his head or gone for a comb-over.  She kind of liked it that he wasn't hiding behind a toupee or plugs.  She increased the incline on her machine and started to breathe harder.  The shirtless guy next to her had speeded up his machine and he was drenched in sweat.  Every time his foot hit the surface a spray of droplets spattered her right side.  It was gross but she wasn't going to stop and let him know she'd noticed it.  She looked back at the balding guy and saw he had shifted to lifting weights.  Maybe she should lift.  Maybe he'd be willing to give her some pointers.

Today I'd like you to ponder the vagaries of leaves turning colors and dropping.  Our maple tree and a few others I can see from here are bare, others are still full green, and still others are somewhere in between.  The light, temperature, and everything else is the same for all.  What makes one tree turn and the next one stay green?  Huh?  Can you tell me?  It makes me kind of nuts.  Alright, that's enough.  Time for showering and going off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.

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Aunt B said...

Ahhhh, the moon shot! Definitely Halloween-y! I've looked up at our view of the moon the past few nights and noted how pretty it looked but don't have your shutterbug skill. Glad you shared your moon with us. The ornament covers are cute and their names are even cuter! Rain coming our way today. Remnants of Patricia.