Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hardly Awake

I was up and out on an errand early this morning.  The good thing is I got to see the sun rise behind the clouds while I crossed the Mason St. bridge.  The bad thing is I wasn't waking up well then and I don't seem to be waking up very well now.  I even met a friend for lunch and still feel like I could lay my head on the desk and be out like a light.  What is it with me and Tuesdays?

I got the third Sudoku block crocheted together yesterday between customers and calls.  That means I have one-third of the afghan blocks done.  *jumps up to do the happy dance*  Only six more blocks to go before it's time to figure out how to knit the narrow joining strips and how to attach them.

I also knitted another ornament cover on Sunday and last night.  I added a few more rounds to make it easier to stretch it around the ball but I might have added a round or two too many.  It was pretty easy to complete, which usually means I've done something incorrectly.  But it's done and now I have two ornaments.  I called the first one Orange You Glad Christmas is Coming? and this one is Purple Will Say We're in Love.  I know, I crack myself up.  Very punny.

Today was cleaning lady day so for today at least we're living in a house without cobwebs and dust bison.  It won't last but I enjoy it while it's here.  This is money well spent.

October 20--Bill Ashe, Rolls Royce.  They walked across the parking lot toward the door of the night club.  A long-nosed car blocked the way.  In the greenish glow of the vapor lights the car looked other-worldly, it's silver and blue paint job glowing.  When they stepped around the front bumper the understated double-R logo and the Art Deco hood ornament gave away its pedigree.  She reached out her hand and softly caressed the cold metal.  She turned to smile up at him.  "Do you think seeing a Rolls on our first date is lucky?"  He tightened his arm, pressing their linked elbows together.  "I think I'm lucky that you're here with me, the car is a bonus," he said.

It's a beautiful day out, cool but sunny and windy.  Maybe I'll grab a rake and move some leaves to the curb.  Maybe that'll wake me up.

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Aunt B said...

Those ornament covers are do cute. Remember the crocheted ones Maralee made for just the top of those ornaments so it looked like snow? You are your mother's daughter!!!