Thursday, October 29, 2015

Twinkle, Twinkle...

I fell prey to a TV ad last week.  We were watching something on the Smithsonian Channel and there was an ad for a Great Courses Night Sky class at the low, low price of only $19.95.  I turned to Durwood and said, "I'd like to get that.  I want to learn about the constellations."  And he said, "Go ahead."  So I did.  Of course I didn't hear the promo code so when I looked on their website it said the course was $169.95, way out of our price range, so I called the "contact us" number and a nice lady helped me.  See, she had the promo code so she could put it in for me, and the DVD, book, and star chart came yesterday.  Now all these clouds need to vamoose so I can see the night sky and I'll be in business.  It's about 42 degrees, spitting rain, and blowing up a gale.  Nice.  The crap weather's supposed to stick around for Halloween too.  Isn't that nice?

Yesterday I knitted the last solid color ornament cover and this morning I found its name.  It's Magenta Rocky Horror.  It's going to need special decorations so it lives up to its namesake.  I need to study on this, and I'm open to suggestions.  Once I had the cover on the ornament I took random-ish lengths of each color yarn, tied them together with Magic Knots to make a Magic Ball for knitting more multi-colored balls.  I need more balls.

October 29--Blackburn Productions, Outrigger Canoe Rowers.  Lin heard their chant before she saw them.  The rhythmic sound carried over the water to her shady spot on the small deck of her beach house.  She shaded her eyes with her hand to see the five shirtless men paddling in sync out beyond the lagoon.  She felt like she was looking back in time to when men in boats exactly like that one sailed from island to island trading and hunting.  Their black hair blew in the strong tradewinds and their muscles rippled and gleamed as they rowed.

This morning I have a haircut all the way on the east side almost to DePere (about 6 miles away) so I'd better get dressed and get a move on.  I'd better bundle up too, the weather guy said the S-word this morning.  Gah.

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Aunt B said...

I commend you for opening your mind to learn new things. Mine has been closed for years!! I hope you see all kinds of constellations when the rain clouds clear out. But the "S" word already??? No, no, no!!!