Thursday, October 22, 2015

Press Here

The kids' book by that name came yesterday and it amuses me no end.  There are very few words but on every page you're told to press or tap dots to make more or rearrange them.  On the page with the black background it tells you to blow the black away.  Then you blow too hard and all the dots are stuck at the top edge of the pages, so it tells you to stand the book up, shake it a bit, and the dots come back.  I hope LC likes it, otherwise it entertains the daylights out of me so I guess it'll be mine.  I can't wait for the next title(s) I ordered to come so I can play with, uh, read those too.


I knitted another ornament cover yesterday, this time the green one.  I named it Green is the Color of My True Love's Hair.  It was either that or It's Not Sleazy Being Green.  Silly, I know, but it amuses me no end to figure out a name for these ornaments.  I'll knit the yellow one next and I've got a showstopper of a name for that one.  No hints, you'll just have to be patient.

Once I had the cover bound off I cast on and knitted on Sudoku Violet #4.  I'm about halfway.  Suddenly knitting those squares is a slog.  I keep wanting to push them aside and cast on a sweater for LC or even a vest for me which is why I keep knitting ornament covers, kind of like palate cleansers so I'll keep going on the endless Sudoku afghan.  Who thought this was a good thing to make?  Whose brilliant idea was this???  What was I thinking in 2008 when I started this?  No wonder it's been in and out of the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) pile.

Last night I saw that the sunset light was tinting clouds in the eastern sky the palest pink.  I took a picture (with the moon too, see?) and then went out front to photograph what I thought would be a blazing sky.  It wasn't even colored, ugh, and then supper was ready so I put the camera away.  Today's sunup didn't have many clouds to work with but I was interested in these parallel vapor trails... or maybe they're just a funny looking cloud.

October 22--David Brooks, Road Hockey.  The light was fading fast but Jem and his friends kept playing.  Jem's new puck was lighted so they didn't notice right away how dark it was getting.  The four of them had been playing road hockey since school let out and chores were done.  The wheels of their Rollerblades got chewed up by the bits of gravel from the road's shoulders and the puck would carom off seams and tarred patches.  Three of them wore helmets and pads.  Buddy didn't.  His dad's job had disappeared when the railroad did so there wasn't any cash to spare for buying new gear.  Most days it didn't matter but when the headlights came around the curve and the sound of the speeding engine washed over them they knew they were in trouble.

Four years ago today Mom died.  Some days it seems like 14 or 44 years ago and other days it seems like yesterday.  I miss her most when I'm sewing since I use a lot of her old stuff and when LC is here.  She'd have loved that kid.  Love you, Mom.
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Four years -- I still think of her nearly every day. Thanks for posting that picture of us. That was such a wonderful time together and we do have great memories of her.