Friday, October 9, 2015

Well, That Didn't Go According To Plan

I planned to finish the second crocheted teacup at work yesterday.  I did not plan to run out of yarn 5 rounds and the handle from the end.  How did I not notice that I was dangerously low on yarn when I started the thing?  I have two more skeins of the DISCONTINUED stuff that I went down and dug out as soon as I got home from knitting guild last night which I could have easily done Wednesday night or even yesterday morning.  *flings hands up*  Bah.

Once I got over my mad at the teacup yarn I finished Sudoku Berry #2 and started Sudoku Violet #3 so no valuable knitting time was wasted but still...  Frustrating.  I'll finish the teacup today, get it felted tomorrow, so it'll be dry for the next time my little tea-partier comes to visit.  (Why do I let Spellchek make me doubt myself?  It drew a red, squiggly line under "partier", I changed to "partyer" knowing that was wrong, looked it up to reassure myself, and changed it back.  Sheesh.)

This morning's 7 o'clock sky, all blue with pale pink clouds, made me smile when I opened the drapes.  I hope it makes you smile too.  Blue sky with puffy clouds is a whole lot better than gray, overcast, and rainy.  Oh, yesterday when it poured rain?  That was when I had to leave for work, stop at the bank, pick up tanks from the tester, carry them into the shop, and drag the garbage bin back from the curb to the back of the store--in the pouring rain, stepping in puddles all the way, making my socks damp.  As soon as I got into the store?  It stopped, and never rained again all day.  I tell you, Mother Nature has quite a sense of humor for a woman her age.

October 9--Walter Bibikow, Tokyo.  In the craziness of the city it was a common thing to see two or three people on a bicycle.  Not a tandem either, a regular old two-wheeler.  One person, usually a kid, stood on pegs jutting from the back axle, Dad pedaled and Mom rode side-saddle on the frame between Dad and the handlebars.  I wondered how he could see to steer or stop.  Trips home from the grocery had to be exciting with Mom and the kid holding swaying bags of food throwing off Dad's balance.  Maybe they used public transit for shopping trips.

Eh.  Now I'm going to unplug this laptop, put it into a bag with the next chapter of my manuscript, my iPod with earbuds and "writing" music, and beat it out of here to a cafe.  Just like a real writer.  Toodle-oo!

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