Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nothing Interesting...

...happened yesterday.  I had a few customers, did a bit of yoga (yes, at work), caught up on my emails, and knit a few rows on Sudoku Berry #2 so I have nothing interesting to tell you.  I think I'll just make myself sad by sharing a few more photos from last week's visit to The Clearing.

As far as the yoga at work goes, I found a free Kindle app that has a 20 minute routine that's just right for my skill level and seems to work all my parts.  I did it every day when I was gone, walked on the treadmill on Sunday, and then did yoga at work yesterday.  I'm determined to do something every day for a month.  My muscles and joints need it and my head needs it more.  The routine isn't so strenuous that I get over-sweaty or extra-winded so it's perfect for sneaking into a quiet space at work, and not bad if someone calls or comes in.  Plus doing it every day makes me feel good--and virtuous.

There was a beginning knitting class last week at The Clearing too (along with Beginning Watercolor and Build a Stacked Stone Wall) and I drooled over the sweater the knitting teacher wore, a different one every day.  The first day she had on a vest that looked like some kind of special brioche stitch but it's knit1below, from the book of the same name.  I quick looked it up on Amazon on my phone, saw the price, and checked the local library.  They have a copy so I put it on hold and picked it up today.  I think I've found my stitch to learn for October.  (I just went on Amazon for the link and see that there are a bunch for sale for around five bucks, hmmm... this would make a good Christmas gift, DS & DD, a used one I mean)

Can you find the dragon?
October 6--Chris A. Crumley, #930507-26-26.  The warm salt water flowed over my skin like silk.  It took a lot of self-control to take my time, kicking leisurely over the reef.  My legs wanted to madly scissor around the reef, propel me from coral head to coral head to watch the damselfish tend their algae gardens and fish line up at the cleaning station to get spiffed up for the weekend.

Even though work wasn't busy that was all I had wits for last night.  The sun's out today.  I think I'll take my knitting book outside and read about this new intriguing stitch.

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Aunt B said...

Even though you say you don't have anything interesting to write about, it's still interesting! Especially with your illustrations! Good for you doing the yoga daily. Can't hurt and it's bound to be good for you. Sun is finally out down here today!! Hallelujah moment!!!