Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Well, I'll Be Darned

I found some things to talk to you about after all this morning.  I looked at the sky when I opened the patio curtain and couldn't resist.  I think I like an ominous sky almost as much as I like one with the sun barely coming up tinting the clouds all pretty.

The lilies of the valley are still going strong.  I picked a few to have on the table and think I'll pick a bunch more.  We shared another meager portion of home-picked asparagus last night.  I should probably plant more or fertilize what's there, maybe then we'll have enough to really have servings for supper.

One of the Friday Night Knitters is a big supporter of a local charity for single moms that's always looking for household items.  Fortunately most of us are at an age where we're paring down our belongings so we can throw in stuff for them.  This week SM told us that they're having a fundraising event and are looking for things to auction off so we decided to put together a basket of baby things.  LB had a spare knitted blanket, CB says she's got a hat or two, FW is a bootie genius so I'm sure she's got some, and KW thought she had a couple items in her "done" box.  I volunteered to pick up a package of diapers since all my baby knitting goes to a certain little girl these days but then I thought I should start up my preemie hat production again.  The lady that has knitted a few hundred preemie hats for the knitting guild is no longer able to make them (she's in her mid-90s and her eyesight's not what it was) so I cast one on.  I've got a bunch of this variegated acrylic yarn and a favorite pattern so I figure I can make one a week and have a few to donate.  It's good for me to think outside my own world every once in a while.  Mixed in with the letters and photos in my mother-in-law's files were a few old knitting patterns.  I'll enjoy having them especially since she's got notes scribbled in some them.

I cruised the gift shop on my way out of the zoo yesterday and found this bag, made in Nepal, and only $21.  Since I'm a member I get a discount so it was just under $20.  I had to have it.  Look at those colors and shapes.  Who could be down in the dumps looking at that?  Plus it has a phone pocket on the wide strap.  Convenient.  I'll be shifting my purse crap to this bag while I eat breakfast this morning.  My grown-up lady style (Miche bag) can take the summer off, I think I'm more funky than stylish anyway.

May 27--Larry Ulrich, Havasu Creek, Grand Canyon, AZ.  The narrowest shaft of sunlight made its way down to the creek.  The canyon walls were so high and so close together that there was only an hour a day when the sun was directly overhead and able to touch the bottom.  That didn't mean that it was cool down there.  The heat rolled off the mesa, fell to the bottom, and stayed there.  No breeze blew it away.  Wind rarely blew straight down.  The creek flowed flat and blue-green from the dissolved minerals in the water.

I was going to put a dead body in that blue-green water but then I remembered that I'd put a dead body in the lake the night before so I didn't want you to think I'm a ghoul or anything.  Time to get dressed for work and find me some breakfast.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Of course you had to have that bag. It practically calls your name!!!