Monday, May 4, 2015

Cute But Too Small

This is not the face I envisioned being shaded by the sunbonnet I made yesterday.  Baby's First Doll's head (from Fisher-Price) is waaaay smaller than LC's head.  The lady writing about the pattern lied, making it half-size doesn't fit a baby, it fits a baby doll.  So I'll be taking my roll of cheap Christmas wrap to work today and drawing it out bigger and trying again.  Fingers crossed I have enough fabric left because I want one just like it that fits.

We had a bit of thunder overnight but not much rain.  I still had to go out to top up the birdbath for the day but while I was out there I noticed that the blueberries are getting leaves.  Hoooray!  For a while there I thought they'd given up the ghost.  They need trimming, weeding, and fertilizing.  Guess what I'm doing tomorrow...

Just to prove that I am indeed still (slowly) beavering away on the Red Marl sleeves here's a picture of the sleeve cap decreases.  Making the doll sunbonnet yesterday consumed knitting time and then it was too hot in the house to knit until after 9 PM.  I don't want to fire up the a/c just yet but if it hits 80 degrees in here again I will.

May 4--Richard Gaul, Pollen.  Erica could feel the sneeze building and there wasn't a thing she could do to stop it.  Her speech was flowing.  She moved from point to point, building to the conclusion.  She kept her eyes moving over the room, kept a smile on her lips, made eye contact just like Mr. Hoffman had taught in her high school speech class.  It was going well, she could tell because the audience was sitting still.  A horrible thought crossed her mind.  They weren't asleep, were they?  A quick glace showed her rows of wide-open eyes.  She felt the sneeze clench in her chest and the tickle build behind her nose.  Her right eye started to tear up and she prayed her eye makeup stayed put.  No one looked good crying black tears.  Here it came.  She stepped back away from the microphone so the sneeze didn't break anyone's eardrums.

I've got a call in to the appliance repair guy.  Hopefully he'll have time to come tomorrow to fix the stove, we've got grilled chicken to heat up in the microwave and fresh broccoli to steam in there too.  We won't starve.

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