Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Little Bit of Knitting & a Bird

This morning when I went out to fill the birdbath I took my camera along to see if I couldn't get an artsy photo or two of the just-blooming lilies of the valley.  I didn't have a lot of luck with those but I am kind of in love with this view of one of the ferns next to the lilies.   As I stood on the step reveling in the symmetry of the fronds I heard the rustle of wings, looked up, and was quick enough to raise my already-turned-on camera to get a picture of Mama or Papa Chickadee bringing breakfast to the brood.  Score!  I heard at least two and maybe more little "cheep, cheep, cheep"s as the food came through and the other parent bird was right behind, sitting on a feeder crook with what looked like a tasty green worm in its beak.

We had our first Friday Night Knitting in the Community Room at the West Mason Goodwill last night.  The room isn't very fancy but it's well-lit and the chairs don't pinch our fingers when we scoot closer to the table.  No one comes in to take our orders (because there's no food service) but it's free and bright and comfy enough for now.  My bread was enjoyed and I shared the recipe but brought most of it home.  I got almost done with the first part of Jane's Locks shawl, I'm just a couple stitches from getting to do something different--I think.  I confess I haven't read further in the pattern.  I know that's a rookie boner but how complicated can it be?  Just because she tells you to have 24 stitch markers lined up doesn't mean something complex is coming, right?  I'll get there later and report.

I got a whole chicken thawed out overnight, Durwood made his famous "meat paint" (half A-1, half Kitchen Bouquet) for me to brush on it, and now it's out there on the rotisserie, twirling over the charcoal roasting to perfection.  When I heard that it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday I decided that it'd be a smart thing to get the grilling out done today, then we'll have high quality leftovers for the rest of the holiday weekend.  Although I did buy a pound of Italian Sausage that I imagined making into patties to eat with sauteed onions and bell peppers, that could be grilled but it'd be good broiled too if it's raining.  I really like grilling out, don't you?  I'm a big fan of grilled veggies, roasted ones too.  But then I think everything's better grilled.

May 23--Doug Fornuff, Sundial.  Clarissa sat on the stone bench in the garden.  Lilies perfumed the air and bees buzzed from flower to flower.  Her book lay forgotten on her lap as she watched the shadow inch across the sundial that leaned drunkenly in the sunny center of the garden.  Drake and Daddy had brought the thing home from some estate auction out the Booneville Road.  They presented the chipped and lichen-covered garden piece as if it were the Venus de Milo complete with arms.  Her first thought was to tell them to toss it right into the junk but they were so proud of themselves that she let them put it out here.  Drake had searched online to learn how to place the sundial and the two men had spent the afternoon arguing, each one holding a compass and turning in a circle.

One of these days I'm going to get me a sundial and plant it in a sunny spot.  Right after I learn how to run an abacus.  Time to go check on my bird.  Toodle-oo!

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Aunt B said...

Definitely an art shot of the fern. And glad you got one of the sweet daddy bird bringing home the bacon. Amazing what all is "photo worthy" right in your own back yard!!!!