Monday, May 11, 2015

Fog & Drizzle

Sounds like a pair of inept lawyers, doesn't it?  But it's what I see out my window this morning.  I knew it was supposed to rain so I hurried outside to cut lilacs to take to work.  (yes, they're sitting in an old Folgers can but they are in a nice glass vase, the coffee can's to give them a broader base for the ride across town to the dive shop)  I'll cut some for the house later or tomorrow when it isn't drizzling, my slippers are soaked from my earlier jaunt.

While I was out there I saw the lone tulip in the corner perennial garden still all wrapped up from night.  Don't you love the colors?

A few months back when we still had Friday Night Knitting at Harmony Cafe attached to Goodwill (we all miss it terribly) MW came back from browsing to show off an old potholder loom he'd bought for a couple bucks.  I admired it and he said there was another one there so we hotfooted it right back.  It wasn't a potholder loom like his, it was an antecedent of the pin looms, a loom for making yarn squares.  It was three bucks, of course I bought it.  Then last month he found a book about weaving different patterns on this kind of loom, so I bought that too.  Last night I grabbed the loom and a skein of yarn, read the directions, and started a square.  The tension's off on my warp so the strands are moving around and the needle's about an inch too short but I'll finish this first, plain weave square and then see.  The cool thing about this loom is that it's adjustable so I can make smaller squares or rectangles.  It'll be fun to experiment--AFTER I finish the Red Marl Sweater.  Really.  Cross my heart.  I'm not taking the loom to work, only the sweater parts to sew the front to the back and start the collar.  I'll finish the first square and then not do another one until the sweater's all done.  Pinkie swear.

I had a great Mother's Day, talked to DD for a long time, called my Aunt B (Mom's sister) for a long chat, and visited with DS, DIL1 & LC, plus Durwood was feeling better-ish and I was feeling mostly better, still just a little tired.  A good day.  Hope yours was too.

May 11--Michael Waine, Flying Alarm Clocks.  Why wasn't I afraid?  There I stood on the edge of the field behind Mom's house and a flock of banana peel birds with alarm clock faces were coming toward me.  I looked down to see that the palm trees on my socks had wrapped their roots around my feet and then sunk into the ground rooting me to the spot.

When I got there I realized that I was really reaching to ramp up the wacky plus I kept falling asleep so I put my pencil aside, turned off the light, and conked off to sleep.  And I just realized that I forgot to get a box of cereal up for breakfast when I was downstairs earlier.  Grr.  I remembered Durwood's teabags and my short sleeved shirts (all of them) AND my windbreaker/rain jacket but not the cereal.  I'm hungry!  I need cereal.  Better go down there right now or I'll drive myself crazy with the whining.  Off to the races.

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Aunt B said...

Glad to read you're both feeling better. And have fun with your new toy!! Wish I could smell those lilacs.