Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Foggy Day

It's foggy today.  Not "down to the ground London" fog, just no wind and higher humidity fog.  I don't mind.  It's not raining although it may later.  It's not cold, but it isn't hot either, it's warm-ish.  My ankle feels better today.  Good enough that I was able to go downstairs to dig out the oriole nectar feeder, make some birdie juice, and hang the feeder out this morning because when I was at knitting last night Durwood took pictures of a lady oriole trying to sip from the hummingbird feeder.

Since it's foggy and nothing new is blooming I took more apple blossom pictures but this time I didn't slide down the hill.  I was wearing real shoes instead of slippers.  *pats self on back*

Instead of going to the grocery yesterday I sat on the couch with my foot up and an ice pack, and finished the Red Marl sweater collar, sewed it into the neckline, tried it on, and IT LOOKED HORRIBLE--and unredeemable.  So I unsewed it. I'm going to frog the collar and make a plain old narrow ribbed neckline by picking up stitches and decreasing so it lays flat.  For an insane moment I considered just frogging the whole sweater so I could enjoy nine balls of pretty red yarn, but I settled down, consulted with the Friday Knitters, and got some tips about how to make it wearable.  I'll take a day or two to recover and dive back in.

May 16--Garry Geer, Fruit Bowl.  The pear looked like it was melting into the pottery bowl.  The skin of the fruit had the same brown freckles as the bowl and the cloud of fruit flies told Sasha that she wouldn't be having a pear for lunch after all.  She ran her finger over the golden green pear and thought how sickly a room painted that color would look.  There had been a dress that color on the clearance rack in one of the shops and she was certain no one would buy it no matter how low it was marked.

And now I'm going to saddle up Beverly and trot on up to Egg Harbor to the Door County Shepherd's Market to see about buying some locks.  It's too complicated to tell about now, I'll lay it all out tomorrow. Love ya.

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Aunt B said...

That has got to be soooooo frustrating to have that collar not look right. And after all the time (and yarn!) you've invested in that sweater. I have a feeling you'll be glad to put it away (far away) until next winter! Love the picture of the fog.