Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm 43 Hours Into a 24 Hour Virus

You can imagine how I'm feeling.  LC had it.  DS had it.  I fell under the virus bus on Wednesday, probably picked it up from a shopping cart on Sunday, and I learned that I'm not nearly as resilient as a 16 month old or a 36 year old.  According to the Ask a Nurse the stuff's running rampant around town so the only solution is to ride it out.  Thank god for Gatorade, plain rice, and Mrs. Boss being able to work yesterday.

Now for good news--yesterday we saw a Ruby-throated Hummingbird and an Oriole at our feeders!  Woohoo!  Neither of us was quick enough to snap a picture and neither bird stayed long enough anyway, but we're both so happy to see them.

Lots of new blooms too--the apple tree, tulips, the lilac bush, and the bleeding heart is budding.  Flowers, flowers, flowers!

On Wednesday (before the virus hit) I finished fixing the fronts of the Red Marl sweater.  Yesterday I staggered downstairs and got it and the sleeves soaking, and this morning got them blocked out to dry.  In the meantime I've resurrected another WIP out of the depths of the yarn vault, another project begun in 2010 and never finished.  I'm using the free shawlette pattern, 198 yds. of Heaven but I won't stop at 198 yards, I'll be knitting it for 585 yards or until I run out.  I'm happy to say that the lace pattern is a lot more understandable with 5 more years of knitting under my needles.  I think I'll start a quick project later as a palate cleaner between the sweater finishing and knitting 2/3 of a shawl.  I deserve something quick and easy.

I haven't written the last 2 nights, I just don't have the words.  Evidently this virus eats words.  Stay away! Stay far away!

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Aunt B said...

Get well right this minute!!! I caught up with your blog life when I got back from FL and love all the pix of the flowers, projects, sky .... well, everything! You have an excuse for skipping the prompt writing but I'm so glad you've managed to write about you!!!