Friday, May 15, 2015


I am really not in the mood to have a sprained ankle right now.  Well, any time would be inconvenient but coming hard on the heels of my bout on the virus-go-round it's nearly unbearable.  By the end of yesterday I was sure I wasn't going to make it into the house but Durwood wrapped it up in an Ace bandage for me so I RICE-d it (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) between the time I got home and bedtime, and it's feeling better this morning.  No, I don't think I broke anything.  It's swollen and sore but it's not acutely painful.  I shoved a small footstool under the desk and have an ice pack in a tea towel wrapped around it even as I type.  I promise not to do any housework all weekend (teehee, no, that's not why I slipped) and keep it elevated and iced as much as I can, but I promised to go to Woodman's grocery with Durwood today, tomorrow's the Door County Shepherd's Market and I'd really like to go (because I need more locks for the second shawl in the UFO queue), and then Sunday DS is taking me to lunch.  Nope, I'm planning a quiet weekend with my foot elevated.  Really, that is a quiet weekend.  Honest.

The old loom I ordered on etsy came yesterday and it's mostly a looper loom rather than a yarn loom, but I don't really mind.  Look at the cool box it's in.  There's no hook but I'm guessing I can find one somewhere and in no time at all LC will be big enough to make everyone potholders for Christmas and there'll be a loom at Meemaw's ready when she is.  We still have a few looper potholders that our kids made about a century ago (or so it seems) that Durwood uses all the time.

At Knitting Guild a few months back I talked about discovering mosaic knitting which is two-color, slip-stitch knitting and last night AT gave me (GAVE me) this Barbara Walker's Fourth Treasure of Knitting that has mosaic stitches, some lace and some cables in it.  I flipped it open and I can see that next year's Design-A-Thon entry will involve mosaic knitting since there are many cool and interesting designs in the book.  See why I need to get my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and WIPs (Works In Progress) finished?  I need to start a lot of things, plus I have sewing I want to do.  This sprained ankle is damned inconvenient.

Being kind of glued to the desk at work yesterday (see "sprained ankle" above) I got almost to buttonhole time on the Red Marl collar.  After the buttonhole row I have to knit one more inch, then bind off the stitches, and sew the collar to the neck opening.  Then sew in the sleeves, sew up the sides and sleeves, weave in the tails, and VOILA! sweater.  I can tell this is going to be one warm sweater for the very coldest days in winter.  The thing weighs a ton.

May 15--Noriko, Satellite.  This is a waste of a good beach, Kay thought.  She looked at the long stretch of pink sand ringed by palm trees bordered by the pale blue sea and then down at the laptop propped on her knees.  Thursday was "brainstorming day" at Wentworth's so she had activated the Skype feature on her computer so she wouldn't miss it.  Jobs were too hard to come by these days to risk a good one like hers over the selfishness of a vacation.

Time for me to get myself dressed and ask Durwood to rewrap my ankle so we can go to the store and I can get back to my icepack and footstool.  Adios!

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Aunt B said...

Well, it could have been worse. But, actually, I hate that phrase. My answer would be "Yes, but it could have been better." I'm turning into a bitter old woman. For a weekend of "resting," you're going to be a very busy girl!!! At least it isn't winter anymore!