Saturday, May 2, 2015

Here, Birdy, Birdy, Birdy!

Durwood called For The Birds yesterday and found out that hummingbirds have been spotted in DePere, which is about 5 miles south of here, so he made some birdie juice and I hung the feeder out.  I put an orange half out too (man, I forgot to get some Welch's grape jelly at the store this morning; the orioles don't like the off-brand stuff) so that any passing orioles will stop in for a snack.  I don't have a lot of confidence that we'll see any hummingbirds until the honeysuckle blooms and that'll be a while because it doesn't have leaves yet, but I'm willing to spend a few 1/4 cups of sugar to keep the hummingbird feeder up and ready for any early birds.

The tulips bloomed.  See?  Didn't I tell you that they're a gorgeous color?

The herbs survived the freezing nights last week--just barely.  Some of the bay leaves are a little brownish and the basil looks like it'll give up the ghost any minute, but I have faith that a few days of sunshine and warm temps will perk them all right up.  And I restarted the fountain.

Last night at knitting I got to 19" of sweater sleeve and started the decreases for the sleeve cap.  That'll go fast, and then I can rip back the fronts and add that extra inch while the sleeves are blocking and drying.  After that I'll seam it all up, pick up stitches around the neck opening, knit the collar, and presto! a sweater.  In slightly less than 5 years.  Sheesh, that's pathetic, isn't it?  I will admit that project monogamy really makes it seem to go together much faster.  Odd.  Who'd a thunk it?  *head, slap*

I didn't write last night, I wasn't in the mood.  As Durwood was getting the porcupine meatballs simmering in the sauce for supper last night the stove quit.  He called out that he blew a fuse so I went down to check the breaker box.  All looked right so he finished the supper in the microwave.  This morning it occurred to me that the stove is on a separate breaker for a reason, I should pull it and take it to the hardware store to see if one of the fuse things or whatever is burnt out and it can be fixed without needing a service call on Monday.  Don't worry, we've got chicken to cook on the grill so we won't starve.  I think I'll go do that right now.

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