Friday, May 22, 2015

Can You Believe It's Memorial Day Weekend Already?

I'll sound too old if I complain about the rearrangement of holidays to give government employees 3-day weekends so I'll sound almost as old by saying that time sure flies these days.  When we were young and optimistic we'd go camping on Memorial Day weekend but it inevitably turned cold and most of the time it rained on us.  Rain is no fun in a tent.  It's not even fun in a pop-up camper, it sounds cool pattering on the roof, but it's just wet and sloppy.

This morning I was excited to see Mr. Oriole and then Mrs. Oriole at the feeder.  Naturally my camera was nowhere nearby, so no pix.  Durwood saw a Red-winged Blackbird at the birdbath--twice, and I had my phone on the table so, look, birdie!

See how pretty my loaf of bread baked up?  It's getting sliced right now (thank you, Durwood) and I'll be taking it along to knitting tonight to share.  I hope they like it but it won't go to waste.  I could probably eat a whole loaf in a day without even working at it.

May 22--Phil Banko, Stormy Window.  Being in the storm was like being in a slow motion movie.  The glass had broken with an almighty crash when the neighbor's tree fell.  One of the branches backhanded the window like an abusive spouse.  That let in the wind which picked up every piece of paper in sight and set it all levitating around the room.

I keep looking out the window.  The lawn mowers are supposed to be here today and I love watching someone mow my grass, someone that isn't me.  It's a gorgeous day out but someone said it's supposed to rain Sunday and Monday.  Isn't that just like Memorial Day weekend?  It's Friday Night Knitting tonight so I'd better go round up some knitting that I can do that I don't have to think about.  Too much talking goes on to take knitting I have to focus on.

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Aunt B said...

That bread looks perfect! How could anyone not like it?? Hope the rain holds off for you. Supposed to be perfect down here in the Port City. Bo and Margaret coming down from Winston so looking forward to that.