Sunday, May 24, 2015

Waiting for Rain

The weather guys said we have a 100% chance of rain today, tonight, and tomorrow.  Welcome to Memorial Day weekend.  See how smart I was to rotisserie the chicken yesterday instead of today?  I must have made my fire a lot hotter because that 6# chicken cooked in only 1 1/2 hours.  Yes, I took the digital thermometer out to test it before taking it off the fire.  It was done so much sooner than I thought it'd be that I had to cover it with foil and put it in a warm oven for an hour so we'd have time for cocktails.  What?  It's a holiday weekend, I can have a glass of wine.

I'm bequeathing DS our drop spreader and post-hole digger so when I got them out of the shed and into the back of my car I took the camera along to see if I could see anything pretty or new to show you.  The black iris on the side of the house is just starting to open, there's a shy little wild violet on the lot line, and the chives are blooming.  Did you know that you can pull chive blossoms apart and sprinkle the florets onto a salad?  They're kind of strong so go easy but it's a fun and pretty way to add a little onion flavor to things.  And I got a lily of the valley to pose.  Right before I picked it.

May 24--Mel Lindstrom, Hand Yanking Chain.  His knuckles popped as he grasped the cold metal chain.  It took all of his concentration to keep hold of it, not to slide back down the embankment.  Keith was fuzzy on the details of how he had gotten down there but the crawling climb back up toward the road was crystal clear.  His hands were bloodied and his shirt was in tatters from snagging on what had to be the world's thorniest underbrush.  Thank god his jeans were thick and his boots were sturdy.  He put his head down to rest now that he had a firm grip on the chain.  As far as he could tell the chain was wrapped around the guardrail.  He was content to hold onto it for as long as it took to get his strength back.  Maybe when it got light he'd get himself up to the road and flag down some help.

Since it's kinda crummy outside I'm off to do some sewing and cutting.  Hopefully the sunbonnet I make today fits LC and not her baby doll.  Fingers crossed.

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Aunt B said...

Love that shy little violet peeking out. Our weather has been picture perfect all weekend. Art show downtown yesterday for Margaret and me. Perfect for strolling and we didn't buy a thing!!