Saturday, November 29, 2014

We Went To The Animal Fair...

Not really, we went to the Zoo but someone reminded me of that song (I'm looking at you, VJ) a while back and it's kind of stuck in the back of my mind, jumping out at me when I'm not expecting it.  It's not nearly as annoying as some "ear worms" so I'm not too fussed by it.

DD and SIL1 went to the NEW Zoo yesterday morning because SIL1 learned that there're giraffes there to be fed, so we toddled on out there yesterday morning in light snow flurries.  When I drove up I thought it was closed because there were only 2 cars in the lot but the sign said they were open and as I pulled in a woman walked across
the road and into the door so we parked and went in.  It was less than $20 for the 3 of us to get in (I'm cheaper because I'm over 60) and I splurged $5 on a large bag of petting zoo chow.  We went right over there to feed the deer, sheep (sheeps!  sweaters on the hoof!), alpacas, and goats.  Once we had everyone outside fed we went into the giraffe building where the only other person was the volunteer.   We bought giraffe cookies (which look a bit like Triscuits) and we fed
Hodari and Zuri until we were all out.  It was amazing.  DD and SIL1 hadn't fed the giraffes before and they loved it.  Then we walked around the rest of the zoo seeing a bison, a pair of elk and of pronghorn antelope (the only antelope native to North America).  We saw and heard a lion pacing and roaring.  We heard an eagle calling, saw lots of cool-looking ducks, the red panda (asleep), cotton-top tamarins with a "thanksgiving" table set up in their display, a lynx, a bobcat, whitetail deer, the wolf pack, emus, peacocks
(looking pretty bedraggled), and a lone Japanese macaque.  A flock of Canada geese were sitting on the frozen pond, all facing the same way, looking a little confused,  "wasn't there water here?"  They were feeding the otters when we walked by so we got to watch them eat, squeak, and slide on their bellies in the snow.  It was an excellent time. All the while we were there we only saw one dad and son so it was like we were in our own private zoo.  I tucked a volunteer pamphlet in my pocket on the way out.  I want to stand a shift feeding the giraffes or running the carousel or something--mostly I want to be with the giraffes.

We're having our feast today so I've got to get the bird in the oven soon but
we've been getting parts of it ready over the last couple days so today won't be too crazy busy (she says with more than a soupcon of delusion).  The pies are baked, two kinds of cranberries are ready, I've got the stuffing bread made and ready to be mixed with all manner of goodies.  DD is making the mashed potatoes and Durwood will be peeling the carrots while I saute the bacon and onions.  It'll end up being crazy but it'll be great to have everyone together for a few hours.  Then they'll all go home and we'll go back to being quiet and sluggish for a month--until Christmas and it all starts up again.  Don't you love the holidays?

November 29--China,  Cosmological Mandala with Mount Meru.  Blake studied the astrological chart she'd found tucked into an old atlas in her Uncle Alby's library.

It was a long, fun day.  I fell asleep.  I woke up when Durwood tried to take my glasses off.  Time to go massage the bird.

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Aunt B said...

Great Saturday outing for you brave souls out in the snow!!! But I'm sure the animals loved you for visiting and feeding them.