Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rain... Wind... Snow?

We've got the first two going on, lots of wind and spitting rain, and they're threatening us, or places near to us, with the last one.  We're still in the single digits in November, it's not time for the S-word just yet.  Really.

I didn't knit a stitch at work yesterday, and somebaby needs a hat.  Must be my head full of snot keeping me from focusing.  Although I have to say that I'm feeling less near death since yesterday so that's healing progress.  I did manage to add a new customer, add a new product to the inventory (and only printed one price sticker on the receipt printer), make two sales, and sell through one work order before I had to call the lovely and ever-patient Summer in Portland, OR to help me over a couple snags.

(I think I need a new wireless mouse, this one is double-clicking when I single click most of the time lately.  It's driving me mad--and it's not a long drive.  A stop at Office Depot on my way home tonight for one and one of those office chair carpet pads seems to be in order.)

Oh!  I broiled the teriyaki tuna steaks and water chestnuts last night for supper.  It was too dark, rainy, and chilly to grill out but, oh Myrtle Mae, it was so good.  We were a little reluctant to try the fresh tuna since you always see it cooked rare or medium rare but the WW recipe I used said to cook it until it was just opaque in the center.  It was still pink but not raw, and it was fantabulous.  I think next time I'll marinate the tuna in the teriyaki for a short before broiling it so the flavor permeates it a bit more.  The recipe says to just brush it on as it's cooking, which is good but we want to try marinating it.  I found more recipes for fresh tuna too, and the grocery's got it on sale right now so maybe I'll just mosey over there for a couple more tuna steaks while it's only $8 a pound for wild caught.  They get it shrink wrapped and frozen so I can store it just as easily as they can, right?  Right.

November 6--Georges Seurat, Study for Sunday on La Grande Jatte.  The little girl in the white dress and hat held her mama's hand and walked along slowly, "like a lady," Mama said, but she couldn't take her eyes off the monkey and the dog.  The animals were in the shade not far ahead, both on leashes.  The monkey was looking at the dog but the dog was pretending he didn't see the monkey.  Aimee knew that dogs' noses were a hundred times better at smelling than hers was so she was sure the dog could smell the monkey.  She wanted to play with them both and tried to hurry but Mama squeezed her hand hard and hissed at her to "act like a lady and not a savage."  Savages must play all day, Aimee thought, and ladies not at all.  "But I want to be a savage," she said very softly.
There are tiny drops hanging from the maple tree's branches.  They look like diamonds or pearls, and they look cold.  Time for thick socks and sweaters.  Good thing I knit.

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Aunt B said...

That baby hat looks so cute. Is that a shark's fin on top?? I thought about you when they showed the polar vortex on TV. Too early in the year for that!!