Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunny & Frosty

We are still in the grip of the Polar $%#^& Vortex.  It's barely 20 degrees outside but at least it's sunny.  Maybe the sun still has the power to warm things up a bit, melt a bit of frost off... everything.  Today I am definitely going to swap the lawnmower for the snowblower and put the last of the patio furniture in the shed.

Maybe I'll run a couple loads of laundry and do a little cooking but that's it.  I'm determined to waste these two days in aimless pursuits, or as close to it as I can get.  When we were at the grocery yesterday Durwood was searching for some frozen breakfast burritos for some variety and something quick with protein.  I said since I had a package of flour tortillas in the freezer, we have eggs (we even have Egg Beaters), some chopped onion and bell pepper, and cheese in the larder, I'd make him some.  They even had Brown 'n Serve sausages on sale, so for a $1.27 investment and a little time I figure I can crank out some single-serving packages for the freezer.  Homemade has to out-taste some frozen thing, right?  I thought so too.

After I filled the birdfeeders yesterday I picked a couple pockets full of apples from the tree in back.  I've been wanting apple pie and today I'm making one.  I'll make a rustic one, you know, where you put down the pie crust, then pile the filling in the center and fold up the edges.  I don't have enough for a pie plate pie, besides I like the rustic kind.  You can whack off a little sliver and walk away with it for a snack.  I might even have a pear or two in the crisper to throw in for variety.

In knitting news, I've been working on the Jelli Beanz sock a bit, in waiting rooms mostly.  I ribbed the whole leg of the last worsted sock I made and I like it, so I'm doing this one that way too.  It's a little slower than stockinette (all knitting all the time) but the sock feels nice and it stays up a bit better.  I finished the body of the Peapod Alfalfa hat last night at Friday Night Knitting but I'm going to wait to weave in the tails and knit the ties until I'm sure it'll fit SomeBaby.  I like this yarn too much to have it not fit.  In the meantime I think I've found another hat that needs to be knitted, and I already have the yarn for it.  Of course.

November 15--Pierre-Francois-Leonard Fontaine, Page from a Sketchbook of a Journey to Chateau d'Eu.  The full moon was bright behind a thin scrim of clouds, illuminating the garden in soft silver light.  Leah was glad fort the glow.  She could see her way without turning on the small flashlight she carried.  The trickling stream looked like quicksilver in the moonlight.  It chuckled to itself as it tumbled over the small stones in its bed.

Seems like I got caught in images and vocabulary to the detriment of story but it was late and I was sleepy.  (How would you like to have three hyphenated first names like that artists?  I wonder what his middle name is.  Names?  Hard for form-filling-out.)  I think it's time for me to see about doing very little and only what I want to do.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

For a day of doing nothing, sounds like a lot of activity to me. Like the idea of throwing a pear in with the apples in your pie. I made the annual English Toffee candy yesterday. Always follow the recipe in Marl's handwriting. It's a little tattered and torn but no way am I tossing it (even though I did copy it onto a card at some point in time).