Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Still Autumn

Yeah, believe it or not Winter, official Winter won't arrive for another month.  I shoveled yesterday and it looks like the salt I scattered after that is the only reason I might not have to shovel again today.  *sigh*  Ack!  I think I hear a snowplow on the parking lot behind us.  I've already been out in boots and hoodie to fill all the birdfeeders.  At least it wasn't so windy.  Woe is me, it's really winter.  Good thing I dug out my longies and I see fuzzy-lined boots and toe warmers in my immediate future.

One of the bad features of blogging so late one day is I have very little to blabber about early the next day.  Hmm, let's see... I told you about the dead rodent in my car's engine... I talked about the birds and the feral cat... I told you about having to rip out the Peapod hat and try again...  ach, I'm out.  Maybe I'll just go search for another hat pattern on Ravelry (the knitting website), drink my coffee, and leave you in peace for the day.

November 19--Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, The Shepherd's Song.  Luc spent his days in the hills above the olive groves.  His dog, Harald, kept the sheep together and scared away predators so Luc had time for his music.  He had an old guitar that he wore slung across his back and he carried a notebook and pencil in the bag with his bread and cheese.  In the early morning Luc and Harald moved the flock to a fresh meadow for the day and then Luc settled in the shade and began to play.  He knew his song was done when Harald threw back his head and howled.

I'm off.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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Aunt B said...

I hear you. Some days there are just no "headlines" but that's not a bad thing. And there's always the weather!!! Especially this year. Really, really weird. When we lived in Syracuse (many years ago) and complained about the snow, we'd say "at least we're not in Buffalo" Maybe you can use that line yourself this year!!!