Friday, November 7, 2014

Flown Over

When I went out into the 32 degrees but sunny morning and looked up there were a whole bunch of vapor trails overhead, like a whole flight of planes passed by.  I don't remember hearing them but they evidently went by.  I'd like to be on a plane right now going someplace warm and beachy with clear salt water and colorful fish for me to look at while I blow bubbles underwater.  Just saying.

I cast on the Peapod Alfalfa hat yesterday afternoon at work.  I think it's going to look just great with somebaby's hot pink winter jacket.  I might have ordered some pink and some white and some gray yarn too just in case she needs more than one hat.  Can a girl have too many hats?

Well, all my crowing that I was kicking the new POS software's butt earned me a long, frustrating day on it yesterday.  It'd let me accomplish one task and then go completely bananas on the next one.  I called Summer the wonder tech to tell her my woes and she assured me that it was the program and our "possessed" computer, not me.  *sigh*  It's hard to keep your spirits up when your head's full of snot and you're developing a cough.

November 7--Charles Demuth, Machinery.  Petey's feet started to slide on the corn and he lost his balance.  As he fell into the grain he felt the whole mass above him shift.  "Stay out, Matt," he called, "I'm sliding."  Petey looked up at the hatch he had climbed through and could see Matt's white blond hair bright in the sun.  "Call Uncle Len," he said, "call him fast."  Matt's head disappeared and Petey could hear his feet pounding down the ladder bolted to the side of the storage bin.  The kernels shifted and slid, sucking his feet into the corn.  He tried to pull his legs up, even tried to swim up and out, but minute by minute, inch by inch, he sank deeper until he was in almost to his shoulders.  What was taking Uncle Len so long?

I like Charles Demuth's art.  It's colorful, precise, and graphic, you should check it out.  I have big plans today--a couple grocery visits and then knitting tonight..  That's all, and I plan even less for tomorrow.  Let's see if I can make those plans a reality.  I'm not reliable when it comes to doing nothing.  I'm off.  Adieu.

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Aunt B said...

You are so smart to have your camera at the ready when you seen something interesting -- like those vapor trails. Our sunrise the other morning was such a vibrant pink. I wanted to snap a picture but it had faded by the time I got myself together. Can't wait to see that cute hat above somebody's adorable little face.