Thursday, November 13, 2014

Polar %&$(^ Vortex

It's so cold that I wore my winter coat to work yesterday, put toe warmers in my shoes after lunch, and put on a beanie as soon as I got into the car to come home.  It's still the first half of November.  If it's this cold now, what's it going to be like in the middle of winter, huh?  Can you tell me that?  Will it be 50 below zero or 50 above?  Are we going to have snow hub-deep to a Ferris wheel or barely enough to cover the ground?  It's too cold too soon, is all I'm saying.  You can quote me.

The only reason I went out this morning was to fill the birdbath and while I was out there I snapped this picture of the pink dawn.  Everything is frosty out there--roofs, blades of grass, unraked leaves--and I'm telling you right now, those leaves are going to stay unraked.  I might go out to uproot the tomato plants if it's sunny one day this weekend when I swap the lawnmower for the snowblower but I'm not raking.  Nope, not raking.

I finished my Shelf Elf last night.  All I had left to do was finish one of his giant shoes, sew it to his leg, knit his scarf, then embroider his face, oh, and sew the jingle bell onto the end of his hat.  It'll grow on me.

November 13--Andrea Pfister, Boot.  Maeve felt like Roger was twined around her like he was a choking vine.  She wasn't sure when the balance of power in their relationship had tipped so far in her favor.  She had always seen them as equals but once her career took off, when she had gotten used to being in charge that's when things had started to change.

That's when the tiny thread of that idea fizzled and faded into nothingness.  Ah well, I don't like Maeve and Roger anyway.  I get to go to work today and then tonight's the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting.  Yay!  I always enjoy the meetings.  Do you knit?  You should come.

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Aunt B said...

You know I'm always a day behind with my comments but want you to know I'm thinking about you and D today at his Dr. appointment. Fingers crossed it's a non-event. XXXXX