Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Robo-Calls Have Stopped

Did you go vote?  We did, and in an odd way I feel like voting to stop the calls is a valid reason to go cast your ballot.  Now you all know how vehement I am that everyone vote but by election day the attack ads and the robo-calls are so pervasive a person might do anything to make them stop, even going so far as vote.  Now we just have to put up with the endless recapping today and we're good--until they start winding up for the 2016 presidential race.  I'd like to know when it went out of fashion for a candidate to tell you what she/he will do if elected instead of pointing fingers at the opponent and saying how awful and dishonest the other person is.  Didn't we learn in kindergarten not to call people names?  Okay, I'll shut up.

All I did yesterday was burn the roasted veggies for my soup (Boo!  I'll try again on Friday.) and empty 4 of the 5 boxes still living in the back of Durwood's van. (the treadmill's making an excellent empty box holding area) Actually I was looking for the ink cartridge for my printer which I knew was in one of the boxes.  I found it, but also tossed at least a full box worth of old magazines and manuscripts into the recycling bin and I have a grocery bag of things to take to Goodwill on Friday.  The last box in the van is filled notebooks of prompt writing; I want to find a spot for that box downstairs.  I'm determined to recrappify the house to a lower level than it was before everything had to move for the new carpet to appear.

It was barely light outside when I saw this cardinal having an early breakfast in the platform feeder.  I know it looks pretty light in the picture but I could barely see him.  Darned light-gathering lens.

I didn't write last night, this cold is making me too tired to focus plus I stayed up a bit late, and I need to be at the grocery shortly after 8 o'clock to pick up the wild-caught tuna steaks I reserved.  (they were out yesterday when I went, tsk)  We're going to have grilled teriyaki marinated tuna with water chestnuts and broccoli tonight, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Aunt B said...

I am adding "decrapify" to my vocabulary! What a perfect description of a chore we should both vow to accomplish at least once a year. At the same time, it would probably take me an entire year to decrapify my laundry/pantry/storage room. Soooooo much crap in there!!!