Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Thanksgiving???  Yesterday morning's rain turned into snow by sundown which made slushy ice under a covering of snow.  Yippee.  My drive home after work was slow and careful.  This morning I got to get up early and snowblow.  Thank god I got it started and running a couple weeks ago.  I couldn't have shoveled this stuff, it's way too wet and heavy.  It's what I think of as "heart attack" snow.  Thank god for snowblowers and rock salt.

Today I want to cook up a batch of cranberry sauce.  I think I'm going to zest an orange and squeeze a couple of them to add to the cranberries.  Durwood read a survey online that said cranberry sauce is the least favorite side on Thanksgivng but I like it and I polled the family and they like it too, not the jellied canned as much as the cooked.  We all agreed that's the best.

I still don't have 6" of brown on the Oriole Wings Wrap, I only have 4.5", but I'm not giving up.  I'll be adding a couple rows later today, cross my heart.  After supper I picked up the first Two-needle Mitten and got up to the thumb gusset before bedtime.  I'm hoping to get further, if not done with it, today.

November 25--Alfred Sisley, Rue Eurgene Moussoir at Moret: Winter.  At first there were pink spots on the snow, just a few and far apart.  Then a thin red line drew Nick and Finn on.  Within a block the red stained the snow in gouts like arterial spurting.  All conversation ceased as they realized the implication of what they saw.  Nick's longer legs carried him further and faster along the blood trail until he pulled up short at the sight of a bare foot so pale it looked blue against the fresh white snow.  Finn pulled out his phone to take pictures of the footprints and the blood before the sunlight melted them into oblivion.

I'm hoping to carry up a few of the last re-crappifying boxes from our pre-carpet de-crappification.  Not all of it, you understand, but enough so that I don't have to keep going downstairs to grub through boxes, and so that I can access my sewing area easily.  I want to sew a few gifts this year.  Off to haul.

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Aunt B said...

We're off to Winston in about an hour. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.