Sunday, November 16, 2014

This Is NOT My Fault

Just because I swapped the lawnmower and snowblower it is NOT my fault that we have snow on the ground.  It's way too cold for it to melt so it's just lying there like... like... winter outside.  Not my fault.  Really not my fault.

I forgot to take the pole out of the patio table and now it's frozen in the stand.  Maybe it'll warm up enough for me to get it out--before spring.  And now I need to get out some boots so I can fill the birdfeeders without getting snow in my shoes.  Yup, winter's here.  Ugh.

It was such an oddball summer I was afraid the milkweeds wouldn't send out seeds since they barely grew and hardly blossomed, but yesterday when I was dragging the dead plants back to the corner of the yard to dump them I saw that the milkweeds had indeed burst open and sent out seed.  Yay!

I got the laundry done and I made a flat apple pie for dessert.  I uprooted the dead garden plants, trimmed the dead things across the front of the house, and pulled up the tomato stakes.  So I might not have done exactly "nothing" but I didn't do errands (except going to the bank [a block away] to cash a check and see about dropping my car off this afternoon [2 blocks away] for an oil change tomorrow when I'm off at work) because lately "errands" has felt like a too big part of my life.  It felt like a successful day.  I have bigger hopes for doing nothing today.

November 16--Pierre-Francois-Leonard Fontaine, Page from a Sketchbook of a Journey to Chateau d'Eu.  Tendrils of smoke slipped between the trees, the only thing moving in the still afternoon.  The breeze had died and the air hung heavy with the summer heat.  It hadn't rained in weeks and the brush was tinder-dry, ready to feed any flame that came its way.  Chloe smelled the smoke and wondered at first who was having a cookout but she soon realized that no one would be foolish to build a fire in conditions like these.  She walked faster.

Okay, now I'm going to go figure out how to make breakfast burritos for the freezer.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Watched the Packers get the big win yesterday and noted all that snow piled up behind the bench. Winter indeed!