Friday, November 28, 2014

And... It's Snowing

*sigh*  I hoped for another sunny day today but seems like I'm out of luck.  I'm thankful for yesterday's sunny because, LOOK!, another HHR arrived mid-afternoon and now there're too many adults in our 900 sq. ft., one bathroom, house but we're so glad.

While we visited and watched football last night I finished the first Two-needle Mitten.  I like it and I like the pattern.  Rest assured I'll be casting on mitten #2 sometime today.  I worked more on the Fast Hat but it looks the same as it did the last time, only a bit longer.

When I glanced out the bedroom window I saw the crescent moon through the bare branches of a tree.  This picture doesn't do it justice so you'll have to imagine the sharp points of the moon and it's cold light shining behind artfully tangled branches.  You know, like in a movie, a good one, a rom-com with, um, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

The plan is to go to the zoo this morning because someone not-from-here learned First: that we HAVE a zoo and B: you can feed the giraffes for a nominal fee.  Good thing I have enough snowboots for all the female feet in the house.

Right now I'm baking a skillet of corn bread so it can cool and dry out so I can make my famous (in my own mind) cornbread sausage stuffing tomorrow on the day that we're having Thanksgiving.  None of us minded one bit that we had to postpone the feast.  I say it'll be Thanksgiving whenever we can all get together around a table, and that'll be tomorrow afternoon.  Tonight the Kentucky kids are invited to the Wisconsin kids' house for a "kids' night" supper.  I think that is one whale of a good idea.  They get a break from the oldsters and we get to eat last night's leftovers and I get to go to Friday Night Knitting.  It's a win-win-win.

November 28--Syria, Gravestone with Bust of a Woman.  The eyes of the statue stared out from the shadows.  Carrie and Jake were holding hands as they walked down between the graves.  The cemetery had tours of what they call The Statuary Garden but they had arrive too late for the last tour of the day so the guard gave them a map and pointed them on their way.  At first they had enjoyed the variety of carvings and deciphering the birth and death dates on the oldest headstones but as the sun sank and the shadows lengthened they walked faster and stuck closer together, eventually holding hands.  Carrie never knew if she had grabbed Jake's hand or if his was the first to hold on.  They both wished they had brought a flashlight when the staring eyes of the bust of the woman loomed at them out of the dark.

That was fun to write.  I felt like I used to while I was writing it, the words just flowed.  Made me feel just like a real writer!  Oop, the timer buzzed, the corn bread's done.  Time to start my day.  Lay around if you can today and digest yesterday's excesses.  Better still, take a walk.  I'm off (and not only that I'm leaving, hee hee), have a good day.

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