Friday, November 21, 2014

Hat Progress

I picked up the needles and yarn yesterday afternoon and made great progress on the new Gnome Knot hat for SomeBaby.  You start knitting the ties and earflaps (one side at a time) then you knit across one earflap, cast on stitches, knit across the other earflap, cast on more stitches, and then join them for knitting in the round.  I got a lot done at work and then powered on after supper while I watched brainless crap on TV.  See?  I did turn it inside out and knit in the hole (instead of on the outside of the hole) so the yarn carried across the back isn't too tight.  I think it even worked.

I was just out filling the birdbath and feeders and I noticed that one of the handles of the can where the peanuts in the shell live is being gnawed by squirrels, those demon tree rats.  I'll be stopping on my way to work for another metal garbage can because I will not let them eat their way in there.  Which means I'd better type faster.

November 21--Roman, Marble Relief with Hermes.  "That is one fine Roman ass," Jeremy said as he scraped clay off the marble relief he was excavating.  "God, Jeremy, you're the ass."  Sheila shook her head, wishing Dr. Moon would have assigned anyone else as her partner. Of course Jeremy was the one to find something in their square of the grid.  If she had dug a big faster she would be the one who got the credit for the discovery, but she hadn't.  She had to sit back and record the find, take the measurements, and do the sketches.  Jeremy got to put his name in the excavation log and reap the credit.  He'd probably parlay the find into an assistant curator job at the Field.  Seeing that his "fine Roman ass" belonged to a male god didn't deflate Jeremy's ego one little bit.  She needed to go get a drink or find some shade before she said something she would regret.

Yesterday's sunset looked good as I carried out the dive shop's trash.  I'm amazed at how far to the south the Sun has moved since Fall started.  Oh, I know that the Earth moves but I'm standing on the Earth and I'm confident that I'm standing still so the Sun is moving.  I say so.  I also say that planets' names should be capitalized, seasons too.  I'm over 60, I'm making my own rules now.  Stay warm.  Try.

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Aunt B said...

Oh, those hungry squirrels! Relentless critters. Cannot imagine them chewing through that handle on your peanut keeper. But then, it's hard to imagine the damage done by one squirrel when it got into our house when we were out of town that time. I no longer think of them as "cute"!