Friday, June 20, 2014

Tomatoes & Rain

The tomatoes are tomato-ing!  Yay!  See the pretty green orbs?  And the tiny green orbs are going to be blueberries when they grow up.  Can you see the raindrops on the berries?  That's the way the whole day went, gray and drizzly.  Durwood and I went to Sam's for all the stuff on the list (and more); it was dryish when we went in and when we came out it was like a cloud had sunk to Earth, getting its tiny dampness all over everything.  Annoying.

I knitted on the Toasty Feets slipper #1 at work the last 2 days and kind of got almost to the sole but then it occurred to me that what I really wanted was a project that would go fast and be done soon.  So-o-o-o I took the bag with the Icelandic Unoriginal Hat to Friday Night Knitting and cast on.  Startitis!  Woohoo!  I might spend the whole weekend casting things on... or maybe I'll spend it planning and cutting out sewing stuff.  Heh heh heh.

June 20--Francesco Tironi, View of the Island of San Giacomo in Paludo.  For some reason having the front steps of the house go right down to the water made it feel exposed.  Genia knew that it would be just as easy for someone intent on robbery or vandalism to drive up in a car or walk up the sidewalk to the door as it would be to come in a boat but she couldn't help herself.  She felt trapped by the water that hemmed in her in.  Even going to the market was a trek involving a boat and two buses.  The smell of the water permeated the house and she was sure that it was eating away at the foundations.

I stopped at a rummage sale in the neighborhood this afternoon.  It wasn't actively raining anymore and the little girl of the house was riding her two-wheeler for the first time with no training wheels wearing a red violet dress with fringe, flip flops with fake flowers on them, a jacket flapping behind her, and a helmet.  She looked awesome and so thrilled with herself.  Time for bed.

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Aunt B said...

Raining down here too. I knew it would as soon as I washed the kitchen windows!