Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sedate Sunday

Today's another gray day here in tundra-land.  It might be going to get into the 70s but it sure doesn't look like it'll be sunny anytime soon.  The chickadees are still courting like mad in preparation for the second nest of the season.  He's been working all morning coming back with a bit of nest material in his beak.  The spiderwort's really blooming today.  See all the little purple flowers?  They don't look like spiders to me and the plant doesn't seem especially like a spider attractor so I don't know where the name comes from, I just like the flowers--and the name.

I did manage to push the vacuum around (yes, I still have burnt orange carpeting; the darned stuff won't wear out) and I fully intend to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.  Then I'll reward myself with a cookie or two.  The guy up the street helped me to adjust the deck of the lawnmower (he pressure washed it too, now I'm not so sure I want to dirty it up mowing) so I baked up a batch of all-the-chips cookies so could share some as thanks.  See, I didn't have a full bag of any chips so I dumped in the butterscotch, white chocolate, and semi-sweet chips I had on hand.  They're not bad; the butterscotch kind of overpowers the rest but I won't be throwing them away.  I took a dozen to the guy up the street, put a dozen in the food container I need to return to DS & DIL1 (because it's nice to return a container with a treat in it), and Durwood and I will be making the rest of them disappear.  Wasting food is bad.

In between not doing much (baked cookies & filled birdfeeders) yesterday I worked on the Icelandic Unoriginal Hat.  I got through the first repeat of the pattern and am intending to get through the next repeat today (it's only 16 rounds).  Then all I'll have to do is the crown decreases and...  VOILA! Hat!  Like I said, I really like this Icelandic yarn even though I'm not much of a "blue" fan and the DK I'm carrying with the Super Bulky is baby alpaca.  There's nothing softer, okay maybe cashmere or qivuit (which is the undercoat of musk ox) is softer, but this is pretty darned soft so I'm not going to toss it just because it's blue.

June 22--German, Tournament Book.  The parade would begin in a few minutes.  Jacob fussed with the braided ribbons in Castor's mane.  The horse didn't toss his head like he usually did so the wings attached to his harness stayed in place.  Jacob fussed with his own costume too.  He had made...

I don't know what.  Once again I plummeted into dreamland while my pencil was still touching my notebook.  I'm not good at automatic writing so all I get from sleep writing is a bit of squiggle.  Eh.  Time to go mop those floors so the Health Department stays away.  I think Durwood wants to go to Woodman's later too.  Stay dry today.  It's not supposed to rain today but it sure looks like it so I'm covering my bets.

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Aunt B said...

When we bought this house, it had the famous orange shag carpet. We were so glad to find hardwood beneath it. But that stuff must have been sooooo popular back in the day!