Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cooled Right Down

For the past few days it's been up near 80 degrees, sunny, and humid.  All that changed when the latest storms moved away.  It's still sunny but now it's breezy and, oh, 65 degrees.  Absolutely gorgeous outside.  Durwood's tomato plants are looking happy to be alive and it'd probably be a good idea to get the stakes in the ground sometime this week, and I saw the first buds on the honeysuckle.  That means that the hummingbirds will soon be back in force, even more than they are.

Today LC is 5 months old.  I just keep thinking, "is it that long ALREADY?"  Pretty soon she'll be walking and talking and wanting a car.

June 3--Francois-Thomas Germain, Coffeepot.  The silver was too hot to touch.  Leann was glad it had a wooden handle.  She wasn't sure it was safe to serve coffee out of this old metal pot.  Wouldn't poison leach out of the metal?  Isn't there a law that liquid needed to be in nice safe plastic or glass pots like in restaurants?

Man, my mind's a blank today.  This is all I have, the weather and a bit of garden news.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  Sorry, dudes.

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Aunt B said...

Lucy is almost exactly six months younger than August. I'm going to think of them being boyfriend-girlfriend babies! At least for a while -- until they both want a car!!!