Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Perfect Day

This feels like one of those days when I wish that the outer house walls rolled up like blinds so I could get them out of the way and let the perfect air flow through, gouging all the stale air from the nooks and crannies.  All of my pots and plants look happy and healthy, mostly red flowers which please me no end, and the bay leaf plant has new bright green shoots.  Happy day.  I watered the garden this morning and all the tomato plants are standing tall, and Friday I finally got an acorn squash plant so we'll have something climbing up the fence in back.  Things are looking good.  I even got the lawn mowed, didn't weed whack, but I can't do everything in the same day.  I did all the laundry too, that was enough for one day.

DS & DIL1 went off for their first post-baby getaway, her birthday, and belated 5th anniversary weekend to Madison.  Nana & Grandpa Doc watched LC (LC's cousin LZ was there too so it was a baby weekend for them), I got to mind the chickens and collect eggs.  Hey, they got poopy diapers, I got 5 eggs in 3 days, and don't you worry, we get plenty of LC-time.  Plenty.  We're in GB so we get all the quick calls "we need a shopping jaunt, can you LC sit?" (we love that!) that Nana & Grandpa Doc miss, it all evens out.  I don't feel shortchanged at all.  Plus they had tickets to Whad'Ya Know? and DS got picked for the quiz.  He said he won some books.  Now I have to go download the podcast so I can listen.  But it's cool, right?  I confess, I don't listen, maybe I'll start.

I ran across some soft Microspun yarn when I was sorting through a couple weeks ago and thought it'd be good for making chemo hats since it's so soft.  I found a pattern using the Tunisian crochet stitch so yesterday I dug out a J hook and got started.  It takes a bit of wrangling to get going but once the fabric's a bit longer I anticipate it speeding up.  I like the way it looks though, turquoise and lime are good together.

June 9--Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., Panasonic Radio.  The sound exploded through the slits in the radio's blue plastic housing.  Music had been playing as Rita walked down the sidewalk carrying it like a purse but now it was all noise.  She had gotten the round blue radio as an 8th grade graduation gift from her Aunt Bea, her only relative with a clue about what kids like.  The local station counted down the top twenty hits on Saturday, Rita never missed it now that she had her own portable radio.

I don't know where that was going, aliens maybe?  Anyway it's time for me to go see if I can approximate Francis' Saturday pageboy in my very own bathroom with my new round brush.  Fingers crossed.

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Aunt B said...

Your plants all look beautiful. So very, very GREEN!!! Hope you mastered the round brush. I can never replicate what the beauty shop lady can achieve with my hair. Fingers crossed that you can!